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Technologist. Hard worker. Detail-oriented product developer. Experienced entrepreneur. Skilled online marketer. Virality expert. Problem solver. Think big. Uncomplicated guy
Rodrigo Teijeiro is the founder and CEO of, one of the leading social networks in the Hispanic and Portuguese market. In just 2 years he managed to place Sonico as one of the leading social networks of Latin America that helps to organize people’s life online, with over 47 million registered users. In his past, he created and developed a wide variety of online businesses that were successful with a global scale (for example with over 8 million dollars in sales).

He graduated as Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Southern California (USA) and also studied Economics at Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina). In 1997 he won, among 700 teams, the “The Business Junior Achievement Contest”  whose final round took place in Japan.

Rodrigo was part of the Group of 2.0 Leaders at the 2009 and 2010 edition of the World Economic Forum of Davos, where he was both a panelist and speaker. He also presented to the MBA in the MIT Sloan Latin Conference, the event that gathers more than 500 influential leaders from business, government, academic, and society in Latin America. Rodrigo participates in several NGOs, and has lectured on entrepreneurship, internet and innovation in Stanford, MBA Udesa and MBA Cema.

Rodrigo loves “impossible” challenges and enjoys flying his kiteboard since 2000.

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  1. Nov 29 2011

    Red Innova 2011

    Innovation + Internet + Ideas + Business

    Red Innova is the #1 Tech Conference on Innovation, Internet, Businesses and Entrepreneurship where Latin America meets the world. It is the most relevant gathering for entrepreneurs, investors and people passionate about the Internet and Innovation…

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