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CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment. Creator and producer of transmedia franchises and story experiences.

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  1. Oct 17 2012

    StoryWorld Conference

    In Hollywood, CA (United States)
    Industry: Entertainment

    Developing a vibrant, multilayered storyworld through books, film, television, web, games and more holds the promise of deeper, richer storytelling, more loyal fans—and far more long-term value than any one medium can offer. The StoryWorld…

  2. Oct 31 2011

    StoryWorld Conference + Expo 2011

    Develop your intellectual property's infinite potential for growth and profit.

    StoryWorld Conference + Expo 2011 is the first major gathering of content creators, platform providers, and entertainment industry leaders dedicated to exploring new business models and working together across media boundaries. You’ll discover…

  3. Jun 17 2011

    Digital Media Wire is hosting Digital Media Conference East, where marketers, media buyers, advertisers, and other related professionals will come together to discuss issues on the forefront of the media and marketing industry. Topics include:…

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