Codestrong Mobile Conference 2012: Mobile App Celebration Takes San Francsico #codestrong2012



Starting October 21st, mobile manics will attend Appcelerator‘s three day celebration of mobile app technology. Codestrong Mobile Conference 2012 will honor the impressive progress  and masters of the field before focusing on the success of tomorrow. The Intercontinental San Francisco Hotel will provide an elegant venue for mobile executives, techies, and enthusiasts to teach and discover the latest in their field.

Organized to realize attendees’ unique mobile app ideas, Codestrong’s tight schedule of workshops and lectures will enlighten and inspire mobile professionals of any level. With an audience of about 300, Codestrong is designed to benefit each visitor through its numerous networking opportunities and helpful Q&A sessions. Codestrong’s interactive workshops will teach new mobile programming methods while explaining and relating the advantages of Appcelerator’s latest programs. Featured speakers will include mobile masters Carlos Icaza, Ben Galbraith, and Dion Almaer, who will impart valuable insight on technology’s hottest market.


Beyond the scope of Codestrong, attendees will revel in San Francisco’s boundless recreation and unique restaurants. Codestrongers will flock to nearby restaurants, which will offer a variety of delicious dining and scenic views. Downtime from the app assembly will give its members an opportunity to enjoy San Francisco’s exciting nightlife, various events, and unique art and culture. Codestrong’s choice venue and conference content promises a solid three days of discovery and excitement!

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