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Matt hails from Boston and has a background in Film and Writing. As weather phenomena go, he prefers earthquakes to Nor'easters these days, so he's currently residing in the East Bay. He produced a feature film called "Night Sounds" after graduating from Emerson College, which premiered at a film festival in Massachusetts. Matt continues to write screenplays and work in the film community, while working as a freelance copywriter, editor, and part-time member of the Hound.

I decided to go with Happy Clouds

Conference Hound-Up June 11-15, 2012: Taking You To The Cloud

It’s gonna be cloudy this week, at least in the world of events.  I can’t predict the weather.  What am I, a magician?  But The Cloud isn’t the only topic of discussion.  Sift through all kinds of sexy conference highlights for the upcoming week right here: SES Toronto is tackling a wide range of helpful [...]

Lots of Slick New Games Unveiled at E3

Lots of Slick New Games Unveiled at E3

The gaming world is abuzz with delightful new additions this week as industry moguls unveil the future of gaming.  The Electronic Entertainment Expo, properly referred to as “E3″ by those in the biz, is an opportunity to get psyched about upcoming releases across multiple platforms, not to mention some mixing and mingling among industry “players.” [...]

Everything's better when it's loud

Conference Hound-Up June 4-8, 2012: A Rowdy Week of Raucous Events

Dig right into this bountiful, houndiful week of exciting events right here on everybody’s favorite Conference Wag.  That’s right, I’m giving you an entire week’s worth of events in one power-packed Hound-Up.  There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started! Bonnarooooo!  The yearly spectasm of musical orgasms kicks off this week with a spectacle [...]

We'll all look this stupid in the future.

Conference Hound-Up May 30-31, 2012: Virtually Virtualized For A Virtual Environment

Welcome to the end of May.  Where did it go?  Who cares.  We’re better off without it.  These awesome events and sexy tidbits of news ought to help you celebrate the onset of June, which everybody knows is way cooler than May.  I mean, c’mon. Let’s pretend wizards are part of pop culture for a [...]

I wonder if Superman can get old.

Conference Hound-Up May 29, 2012: Even Superheroes Are Digital Now

Coming off a holiday weekend is always the worst, but The Hound Up is here to help you smoothly transition back into the working week.  If you’re still aching for some time away from the office, try convincing your boss you need to hit up one of these events, you know, for the good of [...]

To be taken by mouth with a full glass of beer.

Conference Hound-Up May 25, 2012: Indulge In Our Savory Treats

Today’s line-up of weekend events are made of the type of fun & exciting stuff that will actually make it feel like a weekend.  We’ve got music, comics, wine, games, chocolate, grilling and more. We’ll start the festivities down in Houston, where Comicpalooza lights up the hearts of geeks for the next three days.  They’ll [...]

They don't look very scary during the day.

Conference Hound-Up May 22, 2012: Your Next Event Might Be Interrupted By Space Dragons

Welcome aboard, please enjoy all the muck that’s fit to rake in today’s splendid Hound-Up. Investment forums all over the world today, but all in NYC at the same time.  For entrepreneurial opportunities across the globe, the Big Apple would be a good place to start this week.  There you’ll find the India Investment Summit, [...]

The Moon is stealing our spotlight.

Conference Hound-Up May 21, 2012: Data, Aggregated With Love

To start of the week, we found some sweet and sexy opportunities to engage in the newest generation of data aggregation, amphibious vehicles and innovations in the field of chemistry.  Also, a couple neat tidbits gathered from the world wide web that might put a silver lining on this whole “Monday” thing. An event entirely [...]

That's right, head towards the light

Conference Hound-Up May 18, 2012: Are You Ready To Rock?

So much cool stuff happening this weekend that it could, if you’re not careful, make your brain implode.  The events below are loaded with rock stars, artists, actors and other celebrities to beat the band; not the least of which is Batman & Robin appearing at the same event.  No word yet on whether or [...]

Quick, drink this! There isn't much time.

Conference Hound-Up May 17, 2012: These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

It’s beautiful outside! Stop staring at the computer and go for a hike.  When you’re done here, of course. San Francisco is providing us with two summits designed to offer guidance and tips for those folks with the weight of an entire company on their shoulders.  If this describes you, the Chief Strategy Officer Summit [...]