San Francisco (November 15, 2012) – Conference Hound, the global conference discovery platform, today launched the Conference Hound Index or Houndex. The Houndex is the result of extensive online interviews of adult Americans and is intended to serve as a quarterly leading indicator of attendee intent for the conference and trade show industry.

The survey was conducted by Survata, an independent online market research service. Nearly 7,300 adult Americans participated in online interviews for the study. Respondents were first classified as “conference attendees” or not, based on whether they have attended a conference or trade showing the past 18 months – 13.5% of respondents fit this classification. Of these “conference attendees,” 52.7% indicated that they plan to attend another conference in the next six months. Furthermore, in hopeful news for CVBs and the travel and hospitality industry 55.6% of those planning to attend a conference in the next six months indicate an intent to travel over 100 miles from their homes to attend a conference or trade show. The Houndex survey will be reconducted on a quarterly basis and is intended to provide the industry with leading market insight on conference attendee intent.

The initial Houndex is highly consistent with generally accepted industry numbers that we’ve seen with regard to the incidence of conference attendance in the United State.” says Bruce Carlisle, CEO and Founder of Conference Hound. “As we reconduct this survey on a quarterly basis, we think the Conference and Trade Show industry as well as the hospitality and travel industries will be able to get a strong relative sense of the state of the industry from the attendees themselves. We also expect this data to become useful to industry analysts and Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs).”

We think attendee intent is a frequently forgotten, hugely important and little surveyed data point.” Carlisle added, “Conference Hound is about conference discovery by attendees — so the Houndex is a logical extension of our product.”

Independent online market research service Survata allows companies like Conference Hound to conduct extensive, broad based surveys. The company’s methodology qualifies an extremely large online audience that is representative of the U.S. adult population in sufficient numbers such that data from individual industries can be collected within acceptable margins of error.

“Survata is proud to be the online research platform working with Conference Hound in launching the Houndexsm” said Chris Kelly, Founder of Survata. “We think this new quarterly metric gives us a critical insight into the health of our overall economy”, he added.


About Conference Hound

Conference Hound is the global attendee-centric conference discovery engine that helps attendees find conferences, trade shows, festivals and connections all over the world by a variety of criteria including date, industry, city, venue, speakers, colleagues and social network friends. Conference Hound helps attendees connect with the conferences that enable them to grow their careers, enrich their professional lives and to have fun, while making the most of the conference-going experience.  Based in San Francisco, Conference Hound is a seed stage company. The global platform currently offers more than 100,000 curated and filterable conference listings. Conference Hound also includes social connection information for speakers and attendees and the site includes a growing database with more than 6,000 conference speakers.  In addition, the platform provides localized leisure and entertainment opportunities, editorial coverage of conference culture and and a variety of branded tools for conference organizers. and follow on Twitter @conferencehound.

About Survata

Survata is an online market research service based in San Francisco, CA. The company conducts online interviews across an extensive network of publisher partners that allows Survata to mimic the U.S. web audience. These surveys are often offered by publishers to users and readers in exchange for access to premium content. The company provides a low cost, turnkey platform for quickly surveying large audiences such that sub-questions and cross tabs provide sufficiently readable data points. Survata clients include multiple Fortune 500 companies. Learn more at You can contact Survata at (415) 729-5506 or and follow on Twitter @Survata.

About the Houndex

This survey was conducted for Conference Hound by Survata between October 23 and October 30, 2012 via online interviews of 7,296 U.S. adults. The margin of error for the percent of conference attendees who plan on attending another conference in the next six months is 3.1%, meaning one can say with 95% confidence that the percent of conference attendees who plan on attending another conference in the next six months is between 49.6% and 55.8%.

Credit and Usage

The data in this release may be republished and rereleased by any media outlet provided that the following attribution is included. “The quarterly Conference Hound / Survata Houndex is published quarterly by Conference Hound.” If the Houndex is re-published in digital format, a hyperlink to  must be present.


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About the Author: The Hound helps people find, research and connect with the conferences that enable them to grow their careers, enrich their professional lives and have fun while making the most of the conference-going experience.

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