Conference Hound-Up January 13, 2012: Live Fest, @Midem, @GoldenGlobes, Pinterest, Bing?

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

I promised you more Auto Shows, so here we go.  In addition to the ones in Detroit and New England, you currently also have the option to attend the South Carolina Auto Show, the Utah Auto Expo, and the Montreal Auto Show.

I guess music festival season has begun on the other side of the Atlantic.    The Bristol Acoustic Music Festival joins Eurosonic Noorderslag in England this weekend.  In the coming weeks, Europe can also keep an eye out for Live Fest, Midem, Roundhouse Rising, and more.

Another surge in home & garden shows appears to be kicking in.  There’s a solid seven or eight of them across the country this weekend.

I think Pinterest has been explained to me three or four times and I still forget what it is.  But there are rumors it could be the next huge trend in social marketing.

Wes Anderson’s new movie Moonrise Kingdom has a trailer, and is definitely worth the two minutes.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Golden Globes this weekend. While I really only get interested in this event as a preview of the Oscars, I still usually end up watching it.  I’m anticipating  wins for Clooney, Scorsese, and Cranston.

It’s been widely discussed this week that Google has implemented new search procedures that integrate Google+ into results.  Some people are saying that this raises privacy issues, and other people just think it totally sucks.  Either way, I don’t think I’ll go as far as using Bing.  I mean, c’mon.


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