Taboo “Naughty But Nice” Show gives naughty Canadians a nice time

The 11th Annual “Taboo… Naughty but Nice Show” had a fun-filled few days in Edmondton, Canada over the Holiday weekend. While many of us down here in the States were filling up on turkey and hunting down early Christmas presents, these folks were putting out a show to encourage romance, enhance lifestyles, and introduce us to “inconceivable delights.”

This Taboo Sexual Trade Show encouraged attendees to set aside their inhibitions and ride the wild side… nicely. Owners of Taboo say it’s all about sexual freedom and understanding. Visitors had the chance to become overwhelmed by booth after booth of exotic and erotic stuff forged by the wildest imaginations, and hopefully found the opportunity to visit with Adult Film celebs, like AVN Winner Monique Alexander. It’s ok to admit you know who that is. If you don’t, just trust me, she’s famous. Not that I know.

Among the exciting seminars the lucky attendees got to enjoy for their $15 entry fee were Aerobic Pole Dancing, Bondage for Beginners, How to Lap Dance for Your Partner, and an “Intro to Fetish,” which had something to do with leather and latex. The event’s goal was to promote adult fun with insight and open-mindedness, and of course a twist of the taboo. After 11 years on the scene, word has it they have found a comfortable atmosphere that welcomes all comers, er, types.

Taboo brings this exhibition on the road, and will be ready to go all over again at the end of March in Fraser Valley.

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