Conference Hound-Up April 11, 2012: Wine, Whiskey and Bacon: What Could Be Better?

The DeLorean at rest at a shopping mall, awaiting an infusion of plutonium.

While scientists continue the important work of finding ways to develop time travel, automakers are making serious headway in developing a car that has enough cache and kitsch to make it fun.  Meanwhile, there’s plenty of fun events on today’s roster to distract everyone from the task at hand, including some sweet opportunities to absorb whiskey and wine into your bloodstream.

Get your wine on in North Carolina today at the Blue Ridge Wine & Food Festival, which is for some reason sponsored by Autotrader.

Speaking of wine, California’s Sonoma Valley is famous for its tasty selection, and you can fill up on it while attending the Sonoma International Film Festival.  Offering 90 films from across the globe paired with delicious drinks and gourmet goodies, this is a festival promising to please all of your senses.

If your palate is a little less refined (don’t be ashamed), maybe you’d enjoy this bacon & egg ice cream.  It’s better than breakfast for dinner – it’s breakfast for dessert!  I’ll be damned if they ever find a bad use for bacon.

Speaking of getting good and wasted, you’ve got the classiest of opportunities to do so in New York today with Whisky Live hitting The Big Apple.  This spectacular event brings God’s heavenly nectars down to earth and mixes them all together in a lovely bouquet of woody, smoky flavor.  There’s also food and entertainment to supplement the booze.

If you’ve got a good buzz on and feel like doing some good, might I suggest taking a relaxing rickshaw ride over to the New York Times Energy For Tomorrow Conference, which tackles the global and economic demands of the energy industry in an intellectual, collaborative setting.

National Harbor, MD is hosting a quadrophenia of medical events which include the World Vaccination Cell Culture Congress, the World Vaccine Trials Congress, the World Vaccine Manufacturing Congress and the World Pediatrics Drug Congress.

Ever wonder what the legacy of the DeLorean would be without the assistance of the Back to the Future films?  If you’ve look into the history of its creator and the reliability of the car itself, it becomes fairly clear that it wouldn’t have so many gushing fans.  Regardless, the cult car is prime for a 2013 reboot in an entirely electric form.  That’s right; it’s the car of the future.  Although the battery falls severely shy of 1.21 gigowatts, it’s still capable of hitting the mandatory 88 MPH.

In social media news, Google+ is rolling out some upgraded features. Perhaps attempting to combat the rumor that it’s a complete ghost town in there, or perhaps intimidated by Facebook’s string of acquisitions which include Instagram, they are offering greater personalization and augmented bells & whistles.  If you find yourself hopping on and checking out these new features, pay us a visit!

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