Conference Hound-Up February 21, 2012: Strange Things are Afoot

We’ve got some saucy stuff for you today, with a music festival, a whisky tasting, a fashion show, an event for weed and even some flying saucers popping into the agenda.  Don’t be shy.  Have a shot and climb on board.  We’ll return you shortly.

Whisky Live turns the entire town center of Perth, Australia into a whisky extravaganza.  For a $99 entry fee, visitors taste blends from all over the world, including some that you could make at home!

It’s the 20th Anniversary of the Noise Pop Music Festival.  This Bay Area festival takes over our most beloved venues to feature unforgettable performances from nationally known groups like Built to Spill, The Flaming Lips and Craig Finn.  The Pop rages on for the next six days.  Don’t miss out!

New York City’s hosting a variety of events today for anyone looking to get their conference on.  AlwaysOn will feature high-level executives discussing how the internet has disrupted and shifted the worlds of branding, marketing, advertising and PR.  OMMA Metrics & Research aims in improve the collection utilization of user data, and today’s conference uses case studies and seminars to explore it.  Finally, FAME and AccessoriesTheShow are running concurrently in The Big Apple, attracting an array of aficionados and buyers to the large trade show and exhibits from the newest, freshest designers.

Over in Vegas, we’ve got CHAMPS Trade Show, which is an event that celebrates the counter-culture.  Since that seems pretty broad, I’ll narrow it down for you:  the trade show features adult novelties and a whole lot of paraphernalia related to marijuana.  With those two elements combined, I think they’ll have a packed house.  And, a good time.

There is a six day conference kicking off today that is entirely focused on something that may not even exist.  The International UFO Conference in Scottsdale will load up the Radisson with panels of astrophysicists, abductees, ex-military guys with top security clearance, nuclear physicists, X-Files fans and probably a couple of guys with tin foil hats.  Is this a sharing of ideas or an exploitation of conspiracy theorists?  Both?  God I would love to have ears in that hotel.

Where were you 298 million years ago?  If you were in this awesome forest they just discovered underneath a Chinese coal mine, you would be perfectly preserved.  On a related note, this plant was frozen 32,000 years ago and is now revived.  I wonder if these two groups of folks can get together and do some kind of Lost World/Jurassic Park thing.

The WGA (Writers Guild of America) announced their choices for the year’s best writing last night.  Midnight in Paris and The Descendants were the films with the top honors, while Breaking Bad and Modern Family were chosen as the best scripted TV shows.

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