Conference Hound-Up February 3, 2012: A Shot of Whiskey with Your Tea?

Let’s get this weekend started.

Startup Weekend Los Angeles starts up today and runs through Sunday, with the intention of inspiring and nurturing all you budding entrepreneurs who require a little guidance.

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Kami-Con commences today.  This is an Anime Convention run by a student organization out of Tuscaloosa.

For the next few days in Belgium, at something called Casino De Spa, they’ll be hosting the Whisky Live Expo.  This intriguing event offers over 450 different kinds of whiskeys, including rare gems and old malts limited to a spare few remaining bottles.

It’s held in San Francisco, but don’t let that fool you; the Mostly British Film Festival dedicates itself to movies from the Greater British Community, including South Africa, Ireland, Australia and the United Kingdom.   The somewhat unique feature this festival will be boasting for the next week is the screening of rare & classic films in addition to the new ones.  Today would be a good day to test out my tea & crumpet food cart outside the Vogue Theater.

This weekend also offers a smattering of other fun events, including:  The Great Big Home and Garden Expo in Ohio, The Bay Area Pet Expo (which will include pets in costumes), Foodapest (which contains every bit of useful information right there in it’s clever title), The Rental Show, the Dallas Men’s Show, and something called The Super Bowl.  Apparently two NFL teams battle it out for the championship trophy while attending a heavily promoted Madonna concert.  Is that right?

This one goes out to the super-geeks.  Too nerdy to collect cool action figures?  Try this hyper-realistic Steve Jobs toy.  It’s surprisingly creepy.

This guy does classy illustrations based on Television Shows, including arty renditions of sets from Seinfeld, Arrested Development and The Simpsons.  Kudos for doing what the rest of us wanted to, but lacked the talent for.

Someone had the confusing idea to offer an existential take on the classic comic strip Garfield.  If you ever wondered what John’s life would be like without his beloved cat, well, it turns out somebody who knows Photoshop wondered too.

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About the Author: Matt hails from Boston and has a background in Film and Writing. As weather phenomena go, he prefers earthquakes to Nor'easters these days, so he's currently residing in the East Bay. He produced a feature film called "Night Sounds" after graduating from Emerson College, which premiered at a film festival in Massachusetts. Matt continues to write screenplays and work in the film community, while working as a freelance copywriter, editor, and part-time member of the Hound.