Conference Hound-Up March 9, 2012: SXSW Kicks Off Amidst A Crowded Weekend

Congratulations on making it to the end of another week.  As your reward, here’s TONS of COOL stuff!

Home & Garden aficionados have plenty of options this weekend, as a flood of shows invades the nation. Unless you have a jetpack, you’ll have to choose carefully which to attend from these locations: Suburban Maryland, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Michigan, Chicago, Virginia Beach, Texas, Washington D.C., and Buffalo,

Perhaps the biggest news of the day is the kickstart to SXSW down in Austin.  They’ve got lots of exciting performances, interviews, sessions, events and celebrities making things sexy down there for the next nine days.  Bruce Springsteen will deliver a keynote, Al Gore will be appearing, and a host of hot celebs will make the trip, including Jay-Z, Billy Corgan, Judd Apatow and dozens more.  Don’t forget this isn’t just a one-note pony; this festival has three respected portions: SXSW Interactive, SXSW Film, and SXSW Music.  They’ve got a loaded roster with plenty to see and do.  Kudos on all you folks lucky enough to be down there making the most of it!  Check a list of cool parties here.

This weekend brings us the Toronto Comicon, so dust off you Spidey outfit and bone up on your Klingon!  Incidentally, this infographic might help you get up to date on 45 years of Star Trek history.  Better get caught up now, I have a feeling they’ve got another 45 in ‘em and you don’t want to do all 90 at once!

Who loves coffee?  If you just perked up as you sip on your fourth cup of the day, check out Coffee Fest in New York, where superb and delicious specialty coffees from around the world converge on the Big Apple for a caffeinated frenzy of delicious beverages.

Boston is offering up some delights for foodies; the New England Food Show and the Int’l Boston Seafood Show.  One thing I’ll say about Boston; they sure do know seafood.

Despite being ratted out by one of their own, it looks like Anonymous is still planning attacks on the internet’s major institutions.

Make today kick ass.  Hell, carry it through the weekend.  What’s stopping you?


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About the Author: Matt hails from Boston and has a background in Film and Writing. As weather phenomena go, he prefers earthquakes to Nor'easters these days, so he's currently residing in the East Bay. He produced a feature film called "Night Sounds" after graduating from Emerson College, which premiered at a film festival in Massachusetts. Matt continues to write screenplays and work in the film community, while working as a freelance copywriter, editor, and part-time member of the Hound.