Conference Hound-Up February 15, 2012: Entrepeneurs and Hoverboards

Here’s to all you Hounds out there, trying to sniff out the latest news in the conference world.  This one’s for you.

Pharmapack Europe blends together movers and shakers from all over the World to get key decision makers making key decisions on topics like drug use, distribution, packaging, security, environmental impact and more.   This one will be shaking out in Paris for the next five days.

Startup Riot in Atlanta gives budding entrepreneurs a desirable window to pitch themselves to a whole slew of peers, investors and interested parties of all kinds.  The spirit of this event is to keep the cost of attendance low and the atmosphere warm and welcoming, so that any startup with a drive to succeed has a chance to find some traction.

Another pitch event takes place a little further north, in New York.  With a name like “Are You Serious?” you might think they’re taking a tongue-in-cheek approach, but this is more like a fast-paced, brutally honest approach to helping young businesses improve their pitch.

Incidentally, if you’re an entrepreneur or startup trying to gain some ground, you’d be well advised to check out Reid Hoffman’s new book The Start-Up Of You, discussed in yesterday’s Wag article.

CED Life Science Conference fuses science, technology and industry leadership in an effort to promote high-growth, high impact companies.  CED takes place today and tomorrow in Raleigh, NC.

I have some important news:  The future is nearly upon us.  Late last year, Nike announced that they were producing the MAG shoes from Back to the Future II.  A limited number of these were auctioned off on eBay to benefit certain charities.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have six grand to blow at the time.  But there’s more; Mattel, the toy company, has announced production of the Hoverboard from the same movie.  It’s an exact replica except for one fatal flaw: the lack of hovering.  Still, I will be in line to purchase one.  Evidently production is expensive to produce so you have to order it in advance so the company can gauge interest.  In a perfect world (which we are edging ever closer to), every product and prop from every BTTF movie will be available for purchase.

If you need a laugh today, check out these creative and funny photos.  Using normal household objects like marshmallows, hot dogs, wire and toothpicks, the artist created some memorable (and slightly twisted) miniature scenarios.

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