Conference Hound-Up April 16, 2012: If I Were A Hologram You Would Read Me

This clock is a liar. Don't trust it.

The universe is blooming with opportunities for you to today.  Does that sound like I’m reading your horoscope?  I’m not.  This is much more valid than all that.  I’ve got actual events listed here which can improve your health and wealth, particularly if you’re looking to master the social media landscape or find your company’s place in a sustainable, green future.  Go on, give it a look.  You’ve got the time; trust me.

The AllFacebook Marketing Conference in Munich does a great job of explaining itself in its title; this is a hard-nosed, funneled-down event that focuses exclusively on marketing yourself through Facebook.  It will incorporate strategy, commerce, advertising and everything else you need to know whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user.

SES Shanghai delivers everything you’d expect one of the world’s leading search and social marketing events to provide.  Aside from a great educational resource, SES is a great melting pot of brands, agencies and entrepreneurs.

In New York, Social Media for Internal Communications aims to show business the best way to leverage social media to increase internal productivity and collaboration, and drive employee engagement.  A slight twist on the normal concept of social media events which should attract plenty of curious attendees.

Fortune’s line of influential and exciting conferences never fail to disappoint, and today they’re offering an event packed with plenty of ambition and prestige.  Brainstorm GREEN creates a cross section of business and the environment, gathering a diverse group of Fortune 500 CEO’s to explore fresh ideas in sustainability.

Along the same lines of ambition and forward-thinking attitude, Cleantech Forum Europe also blends business with environment in order to find the best route forward.  While accepting the challenges and facing them head-on, Cleantech hopes to glimpse the future of industry by making the direction and path more clear, and less frightening, for attendees.

While on the topic of plowing towards the future, a more modest and focused event in Orlando is putting its two cents in.  Breaking Development focuses on new, emerging techniques in web development and mobile web design, hoping to deliver a collaborative and relaxed atmosphere ripe with networking.

Coachella continues on through the week, giving music fans oodles of wonderful delights.  Not the least of which was the resurrection in three dimensions of hip hop legend Tupac.  Apparently a headline performance this past weekend by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg featured some impressive special effects, including holographic performances by a couple of dead celebrities.

From the three dimensional rappers to theories of a fourth dimension which is not, as many have thought, time.  Scientists are thinking further and further outside the box these days, now theorizing that the universe is timeless and that our fourth dimension is actually a medium of quantum information transfers.  Damn, would it be sweet to live another 1,000 years and see what the hell becomes of all this theory.

On the bandwagon a little bit late (what else is new), I just started playing Draw Something.  Yet another fun social game that is loaded with opportunities to be absolutely disgusting.

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