Conference Hound-Up April 2, 2012: Stay Mobile, Pony Boy

Once again, the Wag welcomes you with open paws and a wagging tail to a week of promising events alongside a bunch of other neat stuff.  Let’s dive right in.

The famous O’Reilly Where Conference starts today in San Francisco, providing focused data and solutions on location based technologies across multiple areas including mobile technologies, marketing, business strategy and more.  This is a great, comprehensive tool to help companies better understand and reach their audience in a world loaded with consumers on-the-go.

The VentureBeat Mobile Summit is finally upon us, also here in San Francisco.  With 30 hours of programming including 180 executives of the Mobile Industry, it will be tough to leave this conference without some valuable and useful tips (and business cards).

Now if we remove ourselves from the Bay and scoot around the country, the PRSA 2012 Digital Impact Conference is making an impression on New York City today and tomorrow, bringing together leaders of the public relations sector to make the most of the digital revolution.

In Seattle, An Event Apart gives web designers a couple full days of hard-earned knowledge to help them advance and round out their skill set in the world of mobile web design.

It’s a distinct possibility there will be some overlap in attendees between this event and ad:tech San Francisco, a huge expo and premiere networking event which kicks off tomorrow.

The largest annual gathering of newspaper professionals occurs this week in Washington D.C. with the NAA mediaXchange.  It’s a collaborative event to help surviving newspapers learn from each other and continue to fight the good fight.

Over this past weekend, up-and-coming video game designers were given abstract tweets and pitted against the test of time to create a video game in 3 short days at the “What Would Molydeux” Game Jam.  The results range from brilliant to hilarious, and you can even take a swing at some of them online.  Check out Kotaku’s article on the event here.

Among the many internet April Fool’s jokes we all had to endure yesterday was Google’s 8-bit Maps.  Evidently the maps included some neat Easter eggs.  There were other legitimately funny attempts from major companies as well, which you can browse a day late right here.


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