Conference Hound-Up February 7, 2012: The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire

I’ll get to that “millionaire” thing in a bit.  First, let’s get you up to date on the conference & event world.

ProGreen EXPO aims to educate and enhance the proliferation of Green Technology.  This event kicks off today in Denver, and is particularly recommended for local business that might want to kick their environmental efforts into high gear.l

Monaco is hosting Imagina for the next few days.  This one focuses on new technologies in virtual modeling and simulation.  I assume this means trying to recreate the technologies imagined in Star Trek.  Someday I’ll have my own Holodeck… someday.

Nary a day goes by without an opportunity to improve your Social Media skills.  The Social Media Strategies Summit is held in Las Vegas featuring international guest speakers, practical campaign experience and case studies.

The NYC Venture Capital and Angel Showcase combines a ton of investors, entrepreneurs and one big cocktail party, greasing the wheels for a lot of juicy deals.

For those in the medical industry, today’s calendar brings us the SCOPE Summit down in Miami.  The Summit for Clinical Ops Executives definitely gets the award for best acronym in a conference title for the day.

There are a lot of different smart phones out there, but it seems to me that 3 out of every 4 people I encounter have an iPhone.  Turns out, profit-wise, my personal estimate was pretty accurate.  According to a report on C-Net, Apple dominates the mobile phone market with 75% of the profit.

Bored with the daily grind?  Need a little kick in the ass?  This article describes people who were fully employed, but decided to quit their jobs and chase a dream.  The people in this article all became millionaires, and I’m assuming it’s an accurate cross-section.  So statistically, everyone who quits their job to chase their dream will become a millionaire.  Go America!

This is the kind of stuff that usually happens in movies, but apparently happens in real life too.  Only difference is this guy sounds like a wimpy jerk as opposed to, say, Steve McQueen.

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