Conference Hound-Up February 9, 2012: My Robot Ran a Meth Lab but Google Caught Him

A couple of film festivals are getting started today, and naturally there’s some digital marketing events and a Summit or two to get you familiar with. But more importantly: Pooping Robots.

The SES Accelerator event in San Diego is held in collaboration with the Online Marketing Summit and aims to beef up the digital marketing skills of its attendees with a variety of classes and seminars.

Berlinale is a Berlin tradition.  It’s a film festival with a 62 year legacy, offering panels and workshops up the wazoo in addition to a healthy roster of feature and short films.  This event may be best known for the networking opportunities provided in the EFM (European Film Market), which has thousands of professionals and companies from all over the world mixing and mingling.

Cloud Fest Denver is today only at the Convention Center.  Local industry professionals would be well advised to swing by and take advantage of some of the classes and sessions being offered by certified pros.

San Francisco’s Independent Film Festival, SF IndieFest, ignites its two week run today.  Dozens of great films on the program there, including the one I reviewed yesterday called The FP.  Also check out the Spinal Tap Opening Night Party, Big Lebowski Party, Roller Disco Party, 80′s Power Ballad Sing-A-Long, and when you get all partied out, check out the list of films on the roster there.  I mean, that’s kind of what it’s all about.

Global leaders are converging on Davos again, this time for the Communication on Top Forum, which dives into all the tricky quagmires of a hyper-connected, uber-digital, next-generation world.

Apparently, robot technology has come a long, long way.  Or maybe it’s regressed?  Anyway, these new robots make poops.

I can’t be the only person who is as amazed as I am frightened by Google Maps.  The idea of having a photographic, interactive map of the entire world that’s even going inside businesses is overwhelmingly cool but also sort of intimidating in an Orwellian kind of way.   In the “pros” column of Google Maps, we can now add the ability to sniff out emerging Meth Labs.

Oh dear.  Apple could lose $1 billion to China.  Can’t we just put it on our tab?

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