Conference Hound-Up January 27, 2012: Auto Shows, Optical Illusions and Catvertising For Your Weekend

Here’s your daily conference update, followed by some fun stuff just because it’s Friday.

Yesterday I filled you in on five new Auto Shows kicking off across the States.  Today I’m bringing you into the loop on three more:  The Washington Auto Show, the O’Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels New Orleans and the West Virginia Auto Show.  There’s also a motorcycle event in The Cleve this weekend sponsored by Progressive.

The Sun WineFest provides a tasteful venue to get drunk on all kinds of international wines for New Englanders this weekend.

She’s Geeky” is a gathering of self-identified “geeky” women designed to help attendees share, collaborate and grow.  This event takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area.  If the previous adjectives describe you, you might consider checking it out.

The L.A. Times hosts its annual Travel Show this weekend, with a trade show that offers a little something for just about anyone.

Optical illusions are undeniably fun, and I’ve noticed a few fresh ones popping up on the web recently.  Here’s one where you can’t see an image until you shake your head, and here’s one that blew my mind just a little.

OK, this is just creepy.  But also kind of cool. Definitely an outside-the-box piece of art.

These guys believe they’ve discovered the future of internet marketing.  They call it “Catvertising.”  If I had any say, they’d be right.

Have a great weekend!

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