Conference Hound-Up March 14, 2012: New Species and New Opportunities

He's watchin' you

This Wednesday brings you opportunities to expand your horizons, check out some new rides, or just plain amuse yourself.  All of that alongside some other delicious goodies, like Leopard Frogs!

Marketing strategies focused on specific cultural demographics are the focus of the Multicultural Marketing Summit in San Diego, which aims to help marketers better understand and more fully engage all of the diverse audiences of America.

Breakthrough Innovation over in Barcelona helps your company grow by being inventive, creative and thinking outside the box.

The Get Social Tour has made it’s way to California to encourage and educate our organizations to leverage social activities in the operation of their businesses.

Another ad:tech event kicks off, this time down in Sydney.  The ad:tech events are well-known for providing a great source of networking and new technologies in the advertising sphere.  Don’t miss the 100+ industry leaders spilling their brain juices, or the after party where you can soak up a little more than brain juice with your peers!

They’re spinning their wheels down in Atlanta with the annual Auto Show, which will run right through the weekend.  Meanwhile, Canada hosts the Calgary Auto & Truck Show to satisfy gearheads and auto dealers of the North.

Finally, I promised you the opportunity to amuse yourself.  The Amusement Expo has all kinds of fun and games, but it has a purpose leaning suspiciously towards the professional application of those games.  It’s an opportunity for folks in the business of amusement to mix, mingle and discover the latest developments.

In an effort to prove that people will buy almost anything, a pillow company has created a plush doll of Steve Jobs.  Only a limited number are being made… until they sell out of those and begin producing more.

A new species of human beings has been discovered in China.  Don’t worry, they’re very dead.  A new species of frog has also been discovered in New York.  This new Leopard Frog is very much alive, but not nearly as cool.

I don’t know when exactly people stopped using AIM.  It doesn’t seem so antiquated to me, but clearly everyone else disagrees.  It’s been completely replaced by a series of slightly more versatile programs that do essentially the same thing (only better), making it a dinosaur.  Maybe my affinity for it is only nostalgic.  Anyway, it’s nearly over with, so say your goodbyes.

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About the Author: Matt hails from Boston and has a background in Film and Writing. As weather phenomena go, he prefers earthquakes to Nor'easters these days, so he's currently residing in the East Bay. He produced a feature film called "Night Sounds" after graduating from Emerson College, which premiered at a film festival in Massachusetts. Matt continues to write screenplays and work in the film community, while working as a freelance copywriter, editor, and part-time member of the Hound.

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