Conference Hound-Up March 19, 2012: Great Ideas All Over The World

Events on the Conference Hound roster today range from small and domestic (Ft. Lauderdale Job Fair) to international and devastatingly important (European Nuclear Forum).  They’re spread all around the world, from Africa to London, Qatar, The Netherlands and a surplus right here in the States.

OMMA Global San Francisco combines leaders of the “interactive marketing revolution” to deliver a tour de force of profound knowledge to burgeoning marketers.

Also in San Francisco, the Appy Awards are being held today.  This is a celebration of the best and brightest in applications, honoring the cream of the crop in a range of categories.

SES New York starts today and runs through most of the week, touching upon every major topic related to internet marketing from SEO to video optimization.  SES NY promises to deliver on all counts with dozens of sessions, keynotes, exhibitors, parties and events.

The Canadian Government aims to improve their search results and online following by dispersing knowledge at the annual Social Media for Government event in Ottawa.

As mobile marketing becomes an increasingly pertinent and reliable source of new customers, more and more businesses are finding it an essential path to follow.  Miami Beach is hosting the Mobile Marketing Conference to give Floridians a chance to tackle this opportunity head-on.

There’s more events to find all over the world today, so check them out here if I haven’t led you to something close by.

You know those stock photos that every website puts at the top of their articles to lend some visual intrigue to the writing?  Somebody out there took the time to find some very, very strange ones.

These sarcastic movie posters oughta make up for the fact that it’s Monday.  If that doesn’t work, try these.

Check it out – the history of everything, in a tidy nutshell.  Like that infographic that popped up a few months ago showing the scale of the Universe, this one shows the timeline of our infinite dwelling.


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