Conference Hound-Up March 20, 2012: Diving into the Future

Today is all about making the most of the digital world, with multiple conferences providing the opportunity to learn and progress through marketing, broadcast and communications.  There’s plenty of opportunities below to expand your horizons and build a bigger, brighter future for you or your company.  There’s also a cookie at the end of the article.

Eurasia Com in Istanbul delivers actionable insights from decision makers representing the entire communications ecosystem.  It’s an event designed to have a commercial focus in areas including enterprise, cloud, broadband, convergence and more.

The IP & TV World Forum in London is built for broadcasters in a variety of platforms, including smart TV, cable, satellite and more.  It boasts a rich base of industry leaders in attendance, making for an invaluable networking opportunity.

Seattle brings together a diverse group of marketers for PSAMA MarketMix, which explores all of the hot topics in marketing.  From social media to lead generation, brand perception and mobile marketing, they will make sure they discover and discuss your desired topic.

In a similar way, the iMedia Digital Summit brings together hundreds of top minds in digital marketing to cover a wide variety of initiatives, ensuring a value-rich experience delivered by established executives.  This event focuses on providing a peer-to-peer atmosphere to develop growth and collaboration.

Let’s not forget about New York, where the Cloud Intelligence Conference convenes today.  Attendees just diving into the cloud, attempting to grasp it, or trying to improve their perception of it will find all of the groundwork they need at this informative event.

France is well known for producing some innovative, creative and unique animated films from brilliant artists.  Today, some of the latest and greatest animated works from France and around the world will be exhibited in Roanne at the International Animation Short Film Festival, dubbed “Cine Court Anime.”

Here’s a must-see event if you’re in San Francisco this weekend.  An avant garde mesh of technology, movement, art and innovation. While you’re here, you can check out the beach that a landscape artist decided to use like a giant canvas.  Then, ride a trolley!

I updated you recently with the exciting news that director James Cameron (Avatar) is taking a trip to the bottom of the ocean – Challenger Deep, the lowest point on earth.  There’s a little more to that story, and info on how you can stay updated here.  Nobody’s 100% sure what Cameron’s dive will reveal, but we’re all anxious to find out.

I was lying about the cookie.  Sorry.

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