Conference Hound-Up March 22, 2012: Stay Healthy, Social and Scared

I vant to suck your blooood

We’re gonna start with the fantastic and move into the orgasmic in today’s Hound-Up, followed by a trip into space, but don’t get too excited…  this is only a dream.

The Fantastic Planet Film Festival is dedicated to seeking out and encourage bold new visions that explore speculative worlds in the science fiction and fantasy genres.  This exciting event showcases its elite selection of films in Sydney starting today and running through the first of April.

While we’re in Australia, let’s not forget about the A Night of Horror Film Festival, which hits the same city with the same dates as the previously mentioned event.  It’s everything terrifying, from short films and music videos to feature films and parties.  And it’s not just one night, as the title suggests.

Conference attendees in Burnsville, MN are getting the groundwork in on Creating a Social Media Plan today.  This event is tipped towards the publishing business, offering tips and tools on how those folks can use social media tools to build their business.

Brazil is hosting the Erotika Fair, which expects tens of thousands of visitors to converge on Sao Paulo.  Supposedly, this is fourth largest erotica fair in the world.

Today in London, women who enjoy keeping in shape might take a jog over to Vitality Live, which presents itself as the biggest women’s health expo in the world.  It’s a massive expo featuring over 100 speakers and lots of free fitness classes and cool new products.

Here’s a neat one – a not-for-proft gaming conference.  GameStorm is a four-day event in Vancouver, WA that is run entirely by fans (with no paid staff) and sponsored by a non-profit.  I don’t know what happens there, but RPG’s, LARP’s, board games, video games and all that fun stuff will be involved.

The boundlessly popular Angry Birds game finally has a sequel, which puts the birds in outer space.  People are very excited about this.  I’m already wondering why space birds don’t just drift into the infinite reaches of space every time you launch them.  But then, I’m a skeptic.

My special thanks to Geekosystem for putting up these pictures of a Lego DeLorean that someone (who is probably pretty awesome) created.

I’m not a gearhead or a tech junkie, but I might turn into both for this car.  Microsoft put together its Xbox, Kinect, Windows and other products and integrated them into a prototype Ford Mustang.  The results are pretty dang cool.

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