Conference Hound-Up March 27, 2012: An Exciting Day to be in The Cloud

Storms 'a comin'

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BlogWell San Francisco is today, offering informative case studies to help attendees learn how to leverage social media the way big brands do.

On a similar note, SocialMedia World Forum Europe is today and tomorrow in London, offering a wide range of useful tips and tactics to take advantage of the social media scene.

Circus 2012 in New South Wales isn’t exactly a circus; it’s a celebration of all things creative.  There are films, writers, award shows, cotton candy (maybe), keynote presentations and more under one big roof (tent?).  Join the celebration if you’re down under – it runs through Thursday.

South Africa is looking towards the future of energy, attempting to tackle several major industries with several events all running concurrently.  They’re looking into Wind Power, Solar Power, Utilities and even Bio Energy.

As always there’s more to discover today, with over 60 events on the calendar.  Folks down in Dallas are getting some education at Share Cloud and peeps out in Paris are getting their Euros worth at the Retail Marketing Show, for starters.

Speaking of Booth Babes and Demo Dollies, here’s the human eye candy that was put on display next to the vehicles at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Here’s a creative way to promote your startup.  The creators of “Replyboard” went out to real Craigslist sellers and, as this article explains, punked them.

Did you know that scientists can create targeted artificial lightning?  Isn’t that essentially harnessing the power of God?  Well, that’s not all they’re doing.  The future is approaching, friends.  And it’s packing heat.  Laser style.

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