Conference Hound-Up March 6, 2012: It’s Not Just Any Tuesday

It’s Super Tuesday!  Know what that means?  It means lots of great stuff for you to check out on the Wag!

Springsteen’s new album was released today. The timing coincides nicely with his appearance at SXSW, which begins in just a few days.  He’ll be delivering a keynote speech there and performing with the E Street Band as well.  Lucky you, Austin!

As a lead-up to the Film-Music-Interactive event coming up later this week, SXSW takes a few days to honor leaders in education with SXSWedu.

As part of San Francisco’s continuing Data Driven Business Week, Text Analytics World begins today, showing exactly how major companies are employing text analytics and what kind of impact it delivers.

Event organizers have organized their very own event and dubbed it International Confex.  They’re getting together in London to share and discuss everything related to conference & event production.

Down the street (or perhaps very far away – I don’t really know the geography of England) is the Rugby Toy Fair, showcasing a wide variety of cool collectibles.

TradeTech makes its way to New York, exhibiting some of the major movers and serious shakers of hedge funds, asset management firms and investment banks.  In fact, they’ve got more than 120 experts speaking here, so don’t miss it if you’re in the industry (or trying to be).

Did a prominent member of the Anonymous hacktivists group turn Benedict Arnold on his posse?  According to the FBI, this LulzSec leader has been working with them for a while, leading to multiple arrests.  Is this a movie yet?  …how bout now?

Dorothy’s ruby red slippers were just purchased, with Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio leading the donors who felt it necessary to secure these iconic props.  The coolest part of this story is that the slippers are being added to a new Museum of Motion Pictures.  I am so there.

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    I don’t think I’ll ever understand the appeal of Springsteen.