Conference Hound-Up May 14, 2012: Isn’t Every Week Internet Week?

Yeah he's scary, but at least he doesn't know my search history and all of my passwords.

New York City is hopping and buzzing this week, but I guess that’s usually the case.  And if you work for Google, you already knew that, because you guys know everything about everyone.

There’s plenty going on in New York City today.  They’re celebrating Internet Week to honor the thriving community of internetters that inhabit the city.  There’s tons of stuff going on all over the city for the next seven days, amounting to more than 200 events for websters to sink their teeth into.

OMMA Mobile NYC gives content producers, brand marketers and agency professionals a look at the latest trends and technologies in mobile marketing today in the Big Apple via keynotes, research presentations and of course, case studies.

The Content Delivery Summit is taking hold and kicking off its fourth annual conference nearby, bringing together content providers, telecom carriers and industry vendors for a detailed look into the accelerating world of content delivery.

While we’re on content, let’s scoot over to Minneapolis.  Confab 2012 reinforces the driving trends towards the value of content and discusses the new strategic measures necessary to embrace it.  The event is only a year old, but has a nice hold on an important sector of the industry already.

Some tech junkies and Silicon Valley professionals and cool people forget that the iPhone has a couple of competitors.  I hop on BART here in the Bay Area or take a walk around downtown and all I see is iPhones.  I think there’s more of them here than people.  Maybe today that won’t be the case, as AnDevCon heads to the Bay.  This conference for Android Developers brings developers and designers together in a collaborative environment to embrace the Droid.

For those of you with three and a half minutes to kill, you might celebrate SNL’s 100th digital short with them.  By watching the video, I mean, not by, um, doing what they’re doing.

Do you trust Google?  The internet giant has invaded and dominated a good chunk of the online and physical world, reaching the level of unstoppable juggernaut.  Is it possible they’re turning the massive power they hold towards evil, becoming some sort of corporate super villain?  Some argue they already have.

With many actors embracing the method style these days in an effort to strive for realism, I’m surprised more of them aren’t developing drug addictions along with eating disorders and insomnia.  This Wired article explains why, in a very brief nutshell.


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