#Fortune40: Fortune “40 under 40″ Swag Bag Home Run

Cementing its reputation for providing the media industry’s most awesome swag bag, Fortune hit it out of the park again at last night’s tech star-studded “Fortune 40 under 40”  event held at Zynga’s swank new Headquarters at  Townsend and 8th last night in San Francisco.

As usual, cool new technology spilled from the (Samsonite) bag; a palm -sized (with a small p) Lenovo keyboard and mouse combo led the charge.  Not quite as cool as the Jawbone speaker combo from Brainstorm:tech in Aspen last summer, this little unit nonetheless gives  last night’s attendees the right to declare gadget supremacy for a week or two.

The event brought Hollywood and Manhattan style glamour to the often staid and frumpy San Francisco scene, so why wouldn’t the swag bag include some metrosexual male products from Clinique?

A pair of Tom’s sunglasses (made of mahogany) carrying an ominous breakage warning adorn my head as I write this.  But will they make it through the weekend?

There were no Zuck sightings reported last night, surprising given the free hoodie by Armani buried deep in the swag bag.  Billions aside, it must have been painful for Mark to leave that sitting on the table.  Reliable sources tell us this hoodie with a  bonus pink circle imprinted on it clocks in at retail at $499 …For a hoodie.

Digging deep into the recesses of the side pouches, we found badly needed triple layer chocolate munchies from Claire’s Squares, designer olive oil from Stonehouse California , eco-friendly PACT socks and underwear (seriously), discount cards from the likes of Levi’s, Uber (the mobile town car service) and Henri Bendel and the ubiquitous and always appreciated Skull Candy headphones, courtesy of NASDAQ.*

A Swag Bag Lady sporting her precious Fortune 40 under 40 swag redemption card.


The Hound likes it all and challenges the conference and event industry to keep striving for better and better swag bags — but Fortune has the early lead.

Do you know about a great swag bag? The Hound wants to know.  Send us your photos.

Addensum: The San Francisco Chronicle provided coverage of the gift bag too, albeit three days later than the speedy Hound. You have to scroll down to the oxymoronically sub-headlined “Occupy S.F. “

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