James Bond Among the Highlights of #CES Product Announcements

The Consumer Electronics Show opened to attendees today, following yesterday’s Press Day which was loaded with exciting new product announcements.  We can expect news of those new gadgets to continue rolling in as the show rolls along, especially when we consider that they’re boasting a record number of exhibitors this year (over 3,000).

So far, companies like Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and many others have been bucking at the gates to release their newest devices.  There a couple of highlights to celebrate so far, and I’ll start with my favorite:


MGM Announces James Bond 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Set

Yes, it’s been 50 years since Sean Connery first portrayed 007 in 1962′s Dr. No.  Bond has given us so many delightful car chases & double entendres in the past five decades, and this Blu-Ray set with 22 James Bond Flicks will allow you to relive them all in perfect HD.  The announcement was made by a panel of five directors who helmed James Bond flicks, including Martin Campbell.  For what it’s worth (and please excuse me, all you Sean-Connery-is-the-only-James-Bond-purists), Goldeneye and Casino Royale, the two directed by Campbell, are my two favorites.  But I digress!



Your TV is Now Officially Smarter Than You Are

On a related note, there is (as expected) a barrage of new products related to syncing your TV, internet, movies, Blu-Ray player, garbage disposal, etc.  New glasses-free 3D TV’s, smart Blu-Ray players, smart TV’s, and new intuitive universal remote controls are working together to create a super-intelligent home & mobile entertainment system that puts our sluggish brains to shame.  Additionally, companies like Dolby and Frontier Silicon are also introducing new audio systems designed to improve the as-of-now mediocre audio quality coming out of smart phones and tablets.  This includes innovations in speakers, earbuds, and headphones.   Seems to me we’re on the verge of a world where a giant 3D touch screen levitates in front of you, delivering perfect audio quality and remaining connected to every online source you could ever sign up for.  Dive in, people!


Are you on the ground floor at CES?   What’s your favorite new product, exhibitor booth, Bond movie?


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