New Ultrabooks Building Buzz for CES 2012

Each year at CES there’s some new development in the Consumer Electronics chattersphere that’s giving everyone something to anticipate. This time around, Ultrabooks are all the rage. In theory, they are everything we’ve always wanted ever since we knew we were supposed to want it. That is, they are the ultimate in compact computer technology. Is this worth getting excited about? First, you’d have to forget the failing fads of CES years past, like Android Tablets and 3D TV’s. Next, you’ll want to gain a little more knowledge on these flashy new devices to see what the fuss is all about.

Think of the Ultrabook as a consolidated, condensed laptop. As processors get smaller and smarter, we’re reaching (or we’ve already reached) the point where an entire computer can be pushed into a few millimeters behind a bright, thin little screen. And it can still do everything that a desktop can, minus a couple of insignificant reductions in storage or RAM. Of course, Apple has been leading the way on this thinner-than-believable technology with the iPad and Macbook Air. We’ll have to wait until January to see if guys like Asus and Acer can rival them in the market. With Ultrabook sales expected to erupt like crazy over the next couple years, this could be the way for PC to gain back some ground on the iPad.

I’m not expecting any of this year’s 30+ expected Ultrabook unveilings will rival the sleek design and smooth interface of Apple’s seductive gadgets. If history shows us anything, Apple will remain at the head of the pack and the rest will come off as neat knock-offs. But I’ll keep an open mind. It would be good to see some solid competition opening up the playing field.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 will kick off January 10th in Las Vegas.

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