2012′s Educause Annual Meeting: IT Professors and Professionals Take Denver, Colorado #EDU12



This week, IT professors and professionals will convene in Denver, CO, in pursuit of advancing the education of college students. Beginning Tuesday November 6th, the four-day Educause Annual Conference will conduct a series of seminars providing insight on today’s prevailing education technology.

Through an accessible schedule and enlightened speakers, Educause 2012 will cater to the specific interests and inquiries of all its attendees. The seminars of Educause 2012 will gear towards IT-based curriculums with topical themes on teaching/learning, business communication/management, and support strategies. Visitors will also benefit from lectures presented by top software industry professionals as well as presidents and IT specialists from respected universities.


Denver, CO

Outside of the Educause Conference, Denver’s breathtaking mountain views and cheerful downtown will bring attendees fun and discovery. The city’s local campus, the University of Denver, spurs endless events and harbors charming restaurants and bars. Attendees will find nearby hotels in the heart of this refreshing,college-spirited town.

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