Conference Hound-Up December 13, 2011: #AlwaysOn, GET MOTIVATED!, Flying Horses

You thought it was a nice quiet Tuesday, but as it turns out, there’s plenty going on in the conference world.

Today marked the first full day of the AlwaysOn Venture Summit in Silicon Valley (#alwayson).   Among the topics getting the most attention @AlwaysOn were the panels on “The Socialization of the Entertainment Industry” and “The Socialization of Online Video & TV.” @robhof tweets his conclusions: “Google and Apple will rule TV in coming years.”  You might be right, @robhof.  Let’s cross our fingers and hope they decide not to rule everything else while they’re at it:

The GET MOTIVATED! Seminar in Albuquerque was held today.  According to the folks who organized the show, their events are “the best in the world.”  But in all fairness, the event is a widely respected business seminar, and today’s attendees heard an inspirational speech from Laura Bush.  Or some kind of speech anyway.  The GET MOTIVATED! crew continues their traveling exposition on January 18th in Tucson.

Across the pond, Olympia: The London International Horse Show kicked off today, featuring some of the world’s most elite equine pulling carriages, galloping, eating apples, and looking cute.  Also touted for the big event was the highly anticipated return of Lorenzo “The Flying Frenchman.”   Apparently they’ve got flying horses now.  Who knew?

That’s a tip off the conference iceberg.  Did you attend something more exciting today?  Got big event plans for tomorrow?  Loop us in, Tweetwise @conferencehound.

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