Conference Hound-Up December 28, 2011: Going Green, ICIMT, Croc Chili & Terrible Movies @conferencehound

Everyone here at The Hound is hoping you’re all enjoying your families, presents, and holiday candy.  If you know anybody extra special, try cooking up a batch of these Egg Nog Cookies.  I tested out the recipe for you.  Just trust me on this one.

A Venture Beat article brings us up to date on the progress (or lack thereof) on delivering paperless materials at conferences.  If everyone’s got an iPad or iPhone, why do we need a bunch of pamphlets and hand-outs cluttering up our carry-ons?  Growing greener has been a priority for a lot of big conferences, and the tech field is the perfect place to strip away the paper and replace it with an App or a PDF.  Incidentally, as a conference attendee, organizer, or speaker, you can usually find a lot of helpful info right here on Conference Hound.

Speaking of tech conferences, there’s one kicking off in Dubai today called ICIMT 2011.

Also on the worldwide conference agenda: The Taste Festival, a yearly event held in Hobart, Australia.  Aside from mandatory and delicious local cuisine like Barbecue Dingo and Stuffed Koala (I made those up), attendees can always look forward to Mick Dundee’s famous Crocodile Chili (that one’s 100% real).

Just to keep you up to date on what’s cute these days:  Awwwww.

Follow this link to find out what the most pirated movies of 2011 were.  My theory is that people downloaded these flicks illegally because they didn’t want to go through the shame of buying tickets.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  Thank God there are smart people in the world.


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