PRSA International Conference 2012: The Latest News on PR’s Most Influential Conference! #PRSAICON

      Over the past four days 2012′s most influential PR summit has consumed San Francisco. On October 13th the highly anticipated   Public Relations Society of America International Conference commenced and has since bestowed coveted awards and revealed the latest in PR.
      To provide constant news coverage, the Public Relaions Society of America (PRSA) announced October 10th its partnership with with . Working with CommPro will allow the PRSA to provide outside audiences with daily updates on conference events and developments. The site will also feature  PRSA news releases, PRSA blog posts, podcasts, and photos.
      On October 13 the PRSA declared MWW Senior Vice President Joseph E. Cohen as chair of the organization for 2014. In addiction to working for MWW, one of the nation’s top public relations firms, Cohen will organize and lead PRSA’s 2014 conference.
      On October 14th, PRSA’s 2012 Public Relations Professional of the Year was awarded to IBM Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Jon Iwata. Iwata was honored for his complete promotion of IBM services both nationally and internationally.
      Brazilian educator and author Paulo Nassar won the Atlas Award for Lifetime Achievement in International Public Relations on Oct 14th. Throughout his career Nassar has transcended borders to make significant advancements in global PR and communications.
      Yesterday the PRSA presented its most honored award to Ray Kotcher of Ketchum, Inc.  As CEO of one of the nations most influential advertising companies, Kotcher earned the PRSA Anvil Award for his groundbreaking work within his company, which continues to significantly impact and advance the field of PR.
      On the same day, PRSA awarded the Paul M. Lund Public service award to Bari Love, Metro Atlanta Chamber’s  senior vice president of communications and marketing. Love won the award due to the positive changes she has made within her community and her dedication to public service. By granting Love this honor, the PRSA encourages PR professionals everywhere to emulate the work of this successful business woman and inspiring public servant.
      PR education’s most authoritative establishment, the Commission on the Public Relations Society of America (CPRSA) has amended and escalated the standards for a PR master’s degree. Introduced yesterday at  PRSA’12, the CPRSA made these changes in response to the growing interest in the PR field and seeks to further standardize the degree. The new stipulations are as follows:
  • Strategic public relations management
  • Basic business principles and processes
  • Communication/public relations theory and research methods
  • Global influences on the practice of public relations
  • Ethics
      As PR education’s point of reference, national and international universities will adapt and adhere to CPRSA’s new guidelines.
     Today marks the final day of PRSA’12 , which will conclude after its schedule of informative workshops, exhibits, and networking opportunities.

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