Unusual Sightings – Top 10 Odd Conferences

Looking for an experience that’s out of the ordinary? Check out these ten upcoming conferences and let us know if we’ve missed any.

Midwest UFO Conference
August 27, 2011
Unity Temple on the Plaza, Kansas City, MO
This year’s theme is “uncovering the UFO cover-up,” and will present new testing results on UFO site artifacts.  National speakers will lecture on the UFO phenomena, and popular vendors will have UFO and related products for sale.

Weird 11
September 17-18, 2011
Swindon, Wiltshire, England
This conference focuses on a variety of unusual events – UFO, paranormal, lost civilizations, and unexplained mysteries all in a single weekend.  The event will also feature an Alien Museum, including original works of art available for purchase.

The Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference
September 31-October 1, 2011
Christ 40 Acres Campground, Honobia, OK
Speakers from the science world along with Native American spiritualists and musical entertainers combine to help explain the Big Foot Phenomenon.  Speaker sessions, storytelling, crafts, and great foods will also be on hand, plus a photo opportunity with a Bigfoot lookalike.

Pennsylvania UFO & Bigfoot Conference
October 22-23, 2011
WCCC Community College, Youngwood, PA
The two day event will feature the PA MUFON UFO Conference on Saturday October 22 and the East Coast Bigfoot Conference on October 23, 2011.  The event will also feature a meet and greet dinner Saturday evening October 22 with all the speakers from both days’ events.

4th Annual Burlington Vortex Conference
October 24-30, 2011
SciFi Café, Burlington, WI
This week-long conference features all-day events beginning at 10am each day.  Visitors will be have access to local paranormal and UFO researchers, a pre-Halloween party, haunted cellar tours, psychics (human and pet psychics available), Tarot card and astrology readers, hypnosis sessions, and relaxation massages.  There will also be paranormal investigation workshops, along with a host of expert speakers during the weekend portion of the event.

ASPE 2011 Paranormal Symposium
October 25-30, 2011
Kachina Lodge, Taos, NM
Keynote speakers and workshop presenters will discuss their experiences, detail their investigations, and examine connections between science and spirituality in these troubled times. Topics include UFOs, ancient aliens, ETs and abductions, cosmic changes, Native American prophecies and legends, angels, the origins of humanity, Dulce area animal mutilations, the Star Child skull, crop circles, crystal skulls, and other paranormal mysteries.

Pythagoras Conference
December 16-18, 2011
Louisville, KY
This conference seeks to unite 26 of the world most sought after experts and speakers in new physics, renewable energy, exopolitics, new science, archeaology, social science & bio economics, consciousness studies, astropaleology, metaphysics, and more, to explore breakthroughs in future sciences and spiritual consciousness.

International UFO Conference
February 22-26, 2012
Fort McDowell Resort & Casino, Fountain Hills, AZ
This conference features a film festival, and experiencer sessions, where attendees can share stories of a sighting, visitation or abduction or just sit and listen to others share their story, along with daily speaker sessions from top experts in the field.

2nd Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference
March 9-11, 2012
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA
This year’s event is organized into three different tracks (Spiritual Exploration, Academic Study and Scientific Research, Mediumship and Psychic Ability) so attendees can choose the topics that interest them most – mixing and matching is allowed.   New features this year include an exhibition area for vendors, and private reading rooms for psychics and mediums.

13th Annual UFO Festival
May 18-19, 2012
McMenamins Hotel Oregon, McMinnville, OR
This festival, now the 2nd largest in the US, began as a way to honor the famous 1950 Trent sighting in which two local citizens witnessed and photographed a UFO, said to be some of the most credible images of UFOs to date.

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About the Author: Kirstie lives in Kansas City, MO after moving across the state from St. Louis, MO. She's spent a good portion of her career in medical/scientific research, and have organized conferences in that field targeted at local to international audiences. As a St. Louis and Kansas City local, she loves to visit events centered around food and wine, and take in the various festivals that explore ethnic cultures.