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  1. Apr 21 2014

    ICS Cyber Security

    ICS Cyber Security will take place in London between 22-24 April 2014 and will will offer a unique European forum for everyone concerned.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Defense

    The inaugural ICS Cyber Security event will offer a unique European forum for everyone concerned with securing these most vital of systems in the near and long term future. Covering topics from PLC's through to SCADA and with briefings from…

  2. May 19 2014

    RICS Quantity Surveying and Construction Conference 2014

    Amidst increasing inflation of construction costs and Construction 2025 targeting huge cost savings; attend to hear how quantity surveyors must rise to this cha
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Business

    The global construction market is forecast to grow by over 70% by 2025. Within the construction industry, the role of the quantity surveyor is of great importance and with the launch of the Government’s 2025 Industrial Strategy for Construction…

  3. May 26 2014

    Global Anti-Corruption & Compliance in Mining

    Mining Journal therefore brings you the first ever Anti-Corruption and Compliance in Mining Conference.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Mining

    Corruption and compliance is a growing issue for mining companies and with tighter regulations compliance is becoming challenging. Due to this and the increasing amount of M&A activity in high risk areas, mining companies need to be more vigilant…

  4. May 26 2014

    Civil ISR

    The 18 billion dollar value recently placed on the global ISR market was influenced heavily by the continued growth in the civil ISR sector.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Defense

    As civil ISR operations continue to grow in importance, Defence IQ is delighted to introduce the inaugural Civil ISR event. Covering the whole remit of Civil ISR operations, including policing, border surveillance and disaster response, Civil…

  5. Jun 01 2014

    Mobile Network Performance Management

    Learn how to develop cost-effective LTE network migration strategies.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Telecommunications

    The ever increasing rise of the smartphone has rapidly changed the once straightforward mobile network. Users are suddenly downloading large volumes of data over their phones and other devices, causing mobile operators to frantically search…

  6. Jun 25 2014

    RICS Strategic Facilities Management Conference

    The future vision of facilities management.
    In London (United Kingdom)

    This one day conference has been innovatively programmed to meet the future requirements and aspirations of the Facility Manager. The next generation of facilities and estates will demand new thought and innovation in planning. This programme…

  7. Sep 14 2014

    Deep Sea Mining Summit 2014

    Leading experts from throughout the value chain to debate upon the problems and discuss solutions to drive forward this burgeoning industry.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Mining

    The growing global demand for minerals and rare earth elements in the recent years, coupled with declining resources on land has got stakeholders interested from across the world to explore the lucrative mineral resources beneath the surface…

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