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  1. Jul 29 2014

    Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles 2014

    This exclusive event will examine UCAVs critical capabilities, looking specifically at challenges such as autonomy protocols, integration with manned systems.
    In London (United Kingdom)

    With the recent first flight trials of Taranis and the second set of carrier trials for the X-47B, momentum in UCAV development is gathering. Nations are looking towards next generation air combat systems as part of their long term air capability…

  2. Sep 14 2014

    Deep Sea Mining Summit 2014

    Leading experts from throughout the value chain to debate upon the problems and discuss solutions to drive forward this burgeoning industry.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Mining

    The growing global demand for minerals and rare earth elements in the recent years, coupled with declining resources on land has got stakeholders interested from across the world to explore the lucrative mineral resources beneath the surface…

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