23 October Facets of Stone Symposium

Oct 23, 2012

23 October Facets of Stone Symposium
Photo: 23 October Facets of Stone Symposium

Facets of Stone at The Bowes Museum, Tuesday 23rd October
The Morning – Facets of Stone Symposium – Free
Food and drink £20 per head if required
 9.30am – 10.15am Alastair Jackson is an Associate Director of leading consulting engineering firm ARUP, and sits on the regeneration body City Team York. He will talk for 20 minutes about the growing appeal of stone to architects as sustainability issues loom large in the construction sector. Followed by round-table discussions and summaries.
10.20am-11.05pm Tom Lonsdale is a Design Council/Cabe Built Environment Expert (BEE) and former Chief Landscape Architect for Manchester.  He will talk for 20 minutes about the importance of honesty in design of urban and rural spaces, referring to major regeneration schemes in exploring how the choice of materials such as natural stone and skill in their use can affect our psychology and behaviour as we move around.  Followed by discussion and summaries.
11.10am- 12.00pm Pierre Bani is the  UK, Ireland and Channel Islands Representative for Les Compagnons du Devoir. He will talk for 20 minutes about the Compagnons philosophy regarding the acquisition of skills and the apprenticeship process. Observations on the way Britain approaches these matters will lead into round table discussions on how the stone sector in particular can implement a change in the ‘culture’ of apprenticeships here, making them more attractive to employers and would be employees.
The Afternoon  - Public Talks - Free
 12.30pm Singing Stones
Bobbie Millar of Ruskin Rocks and Quarry Arts will talk about finding ringing rocks, the Ruskin Rocks project and new initiatives. Followed by short recital on stone instruments.
1pm Talks by Stone Sculptors in Residence
The grounds of The Bowes Museum will be a hive of activity with sculptors and masons working side by side for two weeks. One of the sculptors gives a talk on his work-in-progress.
2.15pm – 3.15pm Talk by John Atkin
John Atkin is a Darlington born sculptor, now world renowned, who was a young protégé of Henry Moore. He will give an illustrated talk on his practice as a sculptor and the commissions he has carried out throughout his career.
The Evening at Cross Lanes – The VAR Initiative -£15 per head
 5.30pm-8.30pm Sustainability programmes across Europe
Evening meal and presentations  £15 per head
Martin Clark presents several European programmes with representatives from across Europe in the fabulous setting of Cross Lanes Organic Farm, built and run by local stonemason Peter Coverdale and showing sustainable building techniques to the highest standard. The programmes presented will be ‘The Green Village’ and ‘Accessing Vernacular Skills in Built Infrastructure’.