2nd Global Pharmacovigilance & Adverse Event Reporting Conference (2012)

May 22-24, 2012 in Boston, MA

Navigating global regulations and reporting requirements to build proactive risk management strategies and mitigate potential safety concerns

The marcus evans 2nd Global Pharmacovigilance & Adverse Event Reporting Conference will host industry leaders from Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Companies operating globally as they share best practices, strategies and tools on dissecting the impact of new global regulations, understanding adverse reporting requirements, strengthening data mining and REMS and deploying signal detection tactics.

Attendees will leave this conference with a better understanding of:
1. Current and pending global pharmacovigilance regulations to ensure compliance
2. Robust risk management plans and how to test their effectiveness
3. Data mining techniques to improve decision-making
4. Drug safety strategies from different global markets and industries
5. Internal measures to strengthen drug safety departments

This is not a trade show; our Pharmacovigilance & Adverse Event Reporting conference series is targeted at a focused group of senior level executives to maintain an intimate atmosphere for the delegates and speakers. Since we are not a vendor driven conference, the higher level focus allows delegates to network with their industry peers.

Current Speakers Include:
-Gary Appio, Head, US Safety Risk Management; US Medical and Drug Regulatory Affairs at Novartis Pharmaceuticals
-Carmen Bozic, Senior VP and Global Head, Safety and Benefit-Risk Management at Biogen Idec
-Robin Geller, Director, Pharmacovigilance Intelligence and Safety Writing, Global Pharmacovigilance at Baxter Healthcare Corporation
-Veronique Kugener, VP, Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management at Millennium Pharmaceuticals
-Ken Hornbuckle, Senior Epidemiology Advisor, Office of Risk Management and Pharmacoepidemiology, Global Patient Safety at Eli Lilly
-Patrick Caubel, Global Head, Pharmacovigilance at Sanofi-Aventis
-Pat Connelly, Associate Director, Digital Strategy and Communications at Millennium Pharmaceuticals
-Lisa G. Benaise, Medical Director, Global Patient Safety at Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
-Naghmana Bajwa, Senior Director, Global Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management at Shire Human Genetic Therapies
-Paul Beninger, VP, Global Patient Safety at Genzyme
-Michie Hisada, Medical Director, Pharmacovigilance at Takeda Pharmaceuticals
-Carla Perdun Barrett, Senior Director & Head Safety Sciences Research & Communication at Pfizer
-Reinerio A. Deza, Head, Global Pharmacovigilance at Cubist Pharmaceuticals
-Wendy Gustafson, Senior Manager, Pharmacovigilance at Cubist Pharmaceuticals
-Yola Moride, Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Montreal Hospital Centre
-Steven Du, Senior Director, Pharmacovigilance & Pharmacoepidemiology at AMAG Pharmaceuticals
-Chris Sanders, Manager, Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management at Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Event Location

Location To Be Determined - Boston, MA

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Boston, MA

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Additional Info

Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers within the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device industries in:
-Drug Safety
-Product Safety
-Clinical Safety
-Medical Safety
-Signal Detection
-Medical Director/Medical Affairs

Attendees: 50

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