8th Monoclonal Antibodies

May 22-24, 2012 in London (United Kingdom)

Versatility of monoclonal antibodies and their advantages over conventional drugs, such as their specificity, indicate there is immense scope for research and therapeutic applications. However, with dozens of products currently in various phases of testing, top pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies fight to produce more advanced and effective mAbs. Vigorous competition is bound to be strengthened by expiring patents and consequent entry of biosimilars to the market.

Event Location

Thistle City Barbican

Central St.

London, EC1V 8DS

United Kingdom

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Additional Info

Presidents, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Scientific Officers, Vice Presidents, Professors, Heads, Directors, Principal/Senior Scientists and Managers/Team Leaders of: Antibody design, production and development, Recombinant DNA/molecular biotechnology, Protein/biochemical engineering, Biotherapeutics, Assay and cell display technologies, Bio-analytical and protein-analytical R&D, and analytical chemistry, Preclinical/clinical research and development, CNS, autoimmune and inflammatory disease research, Biosimilars, Pharmaceutical and patent law.


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