At the Gun Show you can find: Guns of all kinds, New & Used, Modern, Antique and Collectable Shotguns, Rifles and Handguns.  Holsters and Gun Cases.  Clips, Grips and Magazines. Gun Parts and Manuals.  Ammo, Reloading and Cleaning Kits.  Modern & Custom Knives and Knife Sharpening.  Military & Civil War items . Camouflage, Hunting and Cold Weather Gear.  Colt and Glock Gunsmiths on site.  Police and Tactical Gear.  Batons, Stunguns and Self Defense products.  AR Parts and Class III Dealers.  Swords, Blowguns and Martial Arts Gear.

Event Location

Tennessee State Fairgrounds

625 Smith Ave

Nashville, TN 37203

United States

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Additional Info

You must be 18 or over to enter or be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.  You must be 21 or older to purchase, sell or handle a handgun and 18 or older to purchase, sell or handle a rifle or shotgun.  No exceptions. Class 3 Items must be accomp



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