CDN World Forum 2012

Jun 12-13, 2012 in London, Greater London (United Kingdom)

Europe's Most Future-Focused CDN Summit
Photo: CDN World Forum 2012

The 2nd Annual CDN World Forum brings together all of the top organisations, innovators and thought-leaders in the global CDN industry, to exhibit and network over the course of two captivating days in June.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are becoming a vital topic of discussion in the technology space, as more and more elements of our daily lives rely on the internet to provide us with the masses of data and media we require in business and as consumers.

The CDN World Forum will help business leaders gain further understanding of the biggest trends and issues in the industry, answering key questions such as:

• Why CDNs are playing such a pivotal role in the delivery of content, media and entertainment for so many global organisations

• Why telcos and broadband providers are gaining more and more involvement in the industry to boost their content provision capabilities

• How Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and traditional CDN providers are changing to cope with Over The Top (OTT) content delivery

• Why CDNs will play a pivotal role in the future delivery of cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS)

• Why the combination of CDNs and cloud computing are paving the way for Cloud TV, and a potential overhaul of the TV industry

CDN World Forum 2012 will be held alongside Cloud Computing World Forum 2012 at Earls Court in London, England on June 12 & 13, 2012.

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Event Location

Earls Court

Warwick Rd., .

London, Greater London SW5 9TA

United Kingdom

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Additional Info

The CDN World Forum 2012 exhibitor list can be viewed at

Who Should Attend:

Business managers, IT professionals and Channel managers should all be present at the 2012 CDN World Forum. Job titles should include:

• Directors
• Strategy Directors
• Communication Directors
• Heads of Marketing
• Heads of Business Development
• Heads of Sales
• Heads of Call and Contact Managers
• Product Managers
• Business Analysts
• Business Development Managers
• Heads of Training
• Database/Data Center Manager
• Network Systems Directors
• VPs of Technology
• Heads of Telecoms
• Storage Managers
• Hosting Managers
• Data Center Managers
• Telecommunication Managers
• Compliance and Policy Managers
• Network Managers and Administrators
• Network Administrators
• System and Network Integrators

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