Digital Age and Society Conference 2012

Feb 22-23, 2012 in Muscat (Oman)

Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

The proposed two-day conference on “Digital Age and Society: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities” aims to develop a critical and informed understanding as is how information revolution has influenced society at macro and micro level. Digital Age and Society also aims to discuss the key socio-cultural impacts of information revolution with special emphasis on changing patterns of teaching and learning.
Digital Age and Society proposes to have four sessions namely: (a) an overview on the changing media dynamics and scenario, (b) impact of digital media on society, (c) digital media and education, (d) digital media and the media industry.

Event Location

Bayan College

P.O. Box 101 PC 133



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Additional Info

The conference will be attended by academicians, policy-makers, media professionals and students.

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