GCF East 2012 - Grid ComForum Series

May 22-24, 2012 in Raleigh, NC (United States)

Empowering Grid Communications

The International Engineering Consortium (IEC), Duke Energy, and Progress Energy are pleased to present GCF East 2012.

Addressing the deployment of smart grid technology, GCF East will bring together the Southeastern Smart Grid community including all of the major electric power utilites, vendors, and suppliers involved in the region’s Smart Grid technology deployment.

Its partnership with North Carolina State University will also bring together tier one research universities, an important resource in driving the future of Smart Grid.

May 22, 2012, consists of a private programming day for Duke Energy, Progress Energy, their key stakeholders, and major event sponsors.

May 23-24, 2012, will be open to the industry as a whole and will deal with the critical business issues of deployment and management of Smart Grid technology.

Event Location

Jane S. McKimmon Center

1101 Gorman Street

Raleigh, NC 27695

United States

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Additional Info

Major host utilities and their regional counterparts that are reviewing the latest technologies and solutions while seeking relationships with suppliers in order to build a secure, next-generation power grid

Regulators and policy makers, who need to understand Smart Grid technology and its impact on the utilities they regulate as they seek to secure and advance the electric power infrastructure

Equipment makers and software technology vendors that provide the technology components to add the communications layer to the grid for performance monitoring and load response

Communication service providers and systems integrators, that manage the deployment of the two-way communication component through the use of their network services, thus enabling the next-generation power grid

Academia from regional universities, who must prepare the next generation of industry professionals and whose research contributes to advances in Smart Grid technology

The Grid ComForum series of events creates unique venues for the electric power industry to come together in an intimate setting to discuss technology deployment and management issues associated with Smart Grid. With each event hosted by a leading regional utility, the programs address Smart Grid issues from the power utility perspective.