International Conference on Volunteerism and Development 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal

Dec 5-7, 2012 in Kathmandu (Nepal)

Volunteer Aid Nepal (VAID NEPAL)

From 5-7 December 2012, International Conference on Volunteerism and Development (ICVD) will bring together volunteers, development professionals, representatives from civil society and volunteer-involving organizations, media, Corporate Social activists, researchers, youth social activists and university students from around the world in Kathmandu, Nepal to learn, share ideas and be inspired through a range of plenary sessions, workshops, group discussions, Visual shows, presentation on various aspects of volunteerism and Development in the context of 21st century. The International Conference on Volunteerism and Development in Nepal will be focused on exploring and highlighting the role of volunteerism and its interrelation with the Development. The Conference will also include discussion on the history, success, and challenges of Volunteerism. The event will facilitate discussion and participation by delegates and participants through a variety of presentation formats, including plenary sessions,workshops and panels.

About the 2012 International Conference on Volunteerism and Development in Kathmandu, Nepal Theme:

The developing countries are most vulnerable to different social,economical problems. Volunteering has an important role to play for the development for its ability to work at the grass root level and enabling people’s participation. The importance of volunteerism has to be understood by the people and the volunteerism community can play a vital role with co-ordination with the government of a nation for the sustainable development as sustainable development is not just the responsibility of governments and for the development all volunteers have to come up with in a coordinated manner and with a helping spirit. It is also vital to strengthen the link with the government and the international community for a collective effort and to achieve the desired goal. There are enormous challenges for the development of the country worldwide and it’s important that every community plays their role and it is same with the volunteering community to come together with a meaningful program. And the “Conference on volunteerism and development” is expected to be a part of such meaningful program organized by Volunteer Aid Nepal.


• Volunteerism and Development in the context of 21st century
• Promoting Volunteerism for Human Development in Developing Countries
• Volunteering to response global challenges ( Climate Change,Poverty,and HIV/AIDS)
• Building Capacities of Youth and Women for positive change and development

Event Location

Malla Hotel


Kathmandu, 00977


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Additional Info

Volunteer Aid Nepal (VAID NEPAL) is a non-government, non-political, non-profit development organization working under the principle of “Development through Volunteering”. It was established by a group of graduate students as an action for community development and empowerment under the Nepalese Organization Act of 1977 AD. It focuses its activities on the progress of disadvantaged people, and plays the role of facilitator for sustainable development. As a development and volunteer organization, Volunteer Aid Nepal utilize the skills of national and international volunteers and local people into the sectors of education, health, agriculture, environment, etc. The aim of utilizing skills of volunteers is to empower local people, and to help local people directly, through the various aid programs Volunteer Aid Nepal is running.