P&I (Seoul Int'l Photo & Imaging Industry Show)

Apr 26-29, 2012 in Seoul, Gangnam-gu ("Korea, Republic Of" (South Korea))

P&I is the only trade event of Korean photo industry, selected as industry leading int'l exhibition by Korea Ministry of Knowledge & Economy, also UFI-approved.

Event Location

COEX Korea Exhibition Center

159 Samsung-dong

Seoul, 135-731

"Korea, Republic Of" (South Korea)

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Additional Info

Exhibit Products
•Image Input: Camera, Camcorder ,Equipment etc.
•Image Storage : Memory Card, Card Leader, Memory Stick, Hard Disc, DVD, Flash Memory, Accessories etc.
•Image Processing : Extension for Imaging, editor for Imaging, Cording Equipment,Digital Imaging Editing Program, Color Material System, Cutter Equipment, Graphic Card etc.
•Image Output : Printer, Monitor, Scanner,Projector, Kiosk, Plotter, Developing
Machine, Ink, Photographic Paper etc.
•Image Application : Studio, Accessories, Internet Imaging Service, Photo Academy, Technical Journal, Magazine etc.

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