ProxThink That • Intro Webinar

Nov 17, 2012

ProxThink That • Intro Webinar
Photo: ProxThink That ⢠Intro Webinar

ProxThink, short for proximity thinking, is a proximity-focused framework for creativity, innovation, problem-solving, sustainability and living. Our events will help you learn and leverage the framework.  
What it is:Combining a conference call and online work, this is a two-hour interactive intro webinar session. Hosted by David Loughry, creator of proximity thinking.
What we’ll do:1. Introduce you to the ProxThink framework and tour the website. You’ll see how the ideas, concepts, patterns, tools and site can boost your creativity, innovation and problem-solving, as well as your effectiveness and enjoyment in daily living.2. Practice generating ideas using ProxPatterns and the Growth Model. To relate to your life, we’ll practice generating ideas for social, business and community situations, and perhaps a situation or two from the group of people in the session.3. Q&A (Questions and Answers)
What you’ll need:1. A phone or a way to make voice calls via Skype. Either will do. You will have no phone charges, unless you’re using minutes on your mobile.2. A computer. You will want at least two browser windows open at once, so the bigger the screen the better.3. A Google account, so you can access the shared Google Doc we’ll be working on. Please know the email associated with your Google account BEFORE registering. (You can get a Google account without getting Gmail, if you want, using your existing email account.) 
Preparation Not RequiredYou are welcome to look around the ProxThink website before the event, but is it certainly not required. 
GuaranteeIt you really think you’ve gained nothing from this event, you can get a refund.
Optional - You may contribute additional proxri.Proximity thinking may benefit you a little or a lot, or you might believe in it and want to help, or there may be other scenarios involving rewards. Proxri were designed for such situations. Proxri (pronounced prox’ree) is short for one or more ProxRewards, which are rewards made with the proximity in mind. Basically, you consider your enjoyment and benefits (from the session and the ProxThink framework), your circumstances, the host’s circumstances, and some related people and circumstances, and then proxri as appropriate. Proxri may include money, things, services, relationships, and actions, as well as any combination of these. Proxri are one of the four processes of the ProxThink Growth Model (which we’ll be covering). You can proxri anytime via
Minimum Webinar SizeWe need at least three people in the webinar. If we have to cancel, we’ll email you and hopefully another day will work for you. So bring two friends! Or better yet, bring four and get the 15% discount!
Terms of UseOur events function under the same Terms of Use as the ProxThink website. Also, please respect the other participants and the host by not recording, rebroadcasting, or distributing the session audio or the Google Doc we’ll be working on together.
Can’t make this session?You can view other ProxThink events with the link in the “Hosted By” box in the upper right of this page. You can also join our email list to be notified of upcoming sessions.
Want a ProxThink That session for your business or organization?Contact us here. Optionally, if needed, please provide additional related information, such as good times to call, who to speak to, questions, or other details, and we’ll be in touch. These sessions can either be intro sessions, or idea-focused sessions if everyone has previously attended an intro session. Thanks!
Want a ProxThink That session for your region, area, city, or even neighborhood?Contact us here. Please provide both a specific name and some larger context, such as region, state, country, etc. If enough people have similar requests, we’ll coordinate and schedule a session. These sessions can either be intro sessions, or idea-focused sessions if everyone has previously attended an intro session. Thanks!