The 18th IGWT 2012 Symposium - Technology and Innovation for a Sustainable Future: a Commodity Science Perspective

Sep 24-28, 2012 in Roma (Italy)

Presented by the Accademia Italiana di Scienze Merceologiche - AISME

Technological innovation is one of the fundamental drivers of competitiveness for public and private organizations as well as for countries as it can be useful to create and deliver value in products and services by improving the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of operations and processes in an increasingly challenging environment.

The innovation process itself is changing with the use of new media and due to the globalization process which affects organizations of any size, sector and country.

The 18th IGWT Symposium will focus on the different aspects of the development of innovative strategies following a global approach which is characteristic of commodity science.

More specifically the topics examined will concern the relationship between technology, innovation and the following issues:
- sustainable production
- environmental management
- natural resources exploitation
- energy production and efficiency
- product quality, safety and traceability
- consumer information and protection
- business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
- quality management
- operations and process management
- research and development

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