WSBI (World Savings Bank Institute) Congress 2012

May 10-11, 2012 in Marrakech (Morocco)

GOOD FOR YOU – The savings and retail banking model

The 2012 WSBI (World Savings Bank Institute) Congress will look at the value of the savings and retail banking models for the different categories of stakeholders which it seeks to bring return to, in a retail banking landscape still recovering from the global financial crisis.

Topics discussed in plenary sessions and interactive workshops during the two-day WSBI Congress will include:

• How can the client again be out at the center of the banking relation
• How can the sector develop proximity banking services and products tailored to the needs of the client
• How can new technologies that help extend the network
• Which products and services can be developed and marketed for the low end of the market

Event Location

Palais des Congres, Marrakech

Avenue de France



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Additional Info

The Congress is undertaken for banking professionals from WSBI savings banks, national savings banks associations, savings banks foundations, and like-minded retail banks. The event is also open to savings banks professional partners and experts of retail banking markets, including central and development bankers, policymakers, regulators, academics, representatives of civil society organisations and the media.