The purpose of these conferences is to share research accomplishments, projects and trends in the field of material handling equipment and conveying technologies, construction and mining equipment, logistics and intralogistics systems including port and maritime logistics, constructions and design engineering. It intends to facilitate dialog and collaborative research by teams of university researchers on leading edge topics of interest to end users as well as technology and solutions providers.

The main objective of these conferences is to be a forum to exchange views, opinions and experience on MHCL from technical viewpoints in order to track the current achievements, but also to look at to future developments. Most of the authors of contributed papers are experts in MHCL and related topics.

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Department of Material Handling, Constructions and Logistics (Katedra za mehanizaciju), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia together with Institute for Engineering Design and Logistics Engineering (Institut für Konstruktionswissenschaften und Technische Logistik, Der Forschungsbereich Konstruktionslehre und Fördertechnik), Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria are going to organize the XX Triennial International Conference on Material Handling, Constructions and Logistics, MHCL2012, which will take place in Belgrade 3-5 October 2012.

The main goal of the Conference is to make the scientific/research exchange between similar academic Departments and Institutes from different countries, as well as individual researcher in the field, in order for possible professional cooperation or to apply for international programs or bilateral research and scientific projects offered by EU or other institutions.

Papers are invited on the topics outlined below and others failing within the scope of the Conference.
The major topics of the conference are corresponding to the main conference sessions:

Hoisting and Conveying Equipment and Technologies (responsible Co-chairman: Prof. Nenad Zrnic)
Construction and Mining Equipment and Technologies (responsible Co-chairman: Prof. Srđan Bošnjak)
Logistics and Intralogistics Systems (responsible Co-chairman: Profs. Georg Kartnig and Nenad Zrnic)
Constructions and Design Engineering (responsible Co-chairman: Profs. Georg Kartnig and Srđan Bošnjak)
Maritime and Port Logistics (special session organized by Prof. Branislav Dragović)

The topics in the conference sections are related to:

Material Handling Facilities and Systems
Hoisting and Transport Machinery and Equipment
Conveyor Technique and Conveyor Machines
Elevators and Escalators
Ropeways and Ropeway Technology
Bulk and Powdered Material Handling Technology
Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Capsule Conveying
Industrial Vehicles, AGVS
Inspection, Modification and Maintenance of Equipment
Safety in Handling
Container Units and Container Equipment
Industrial Robots and Manipulators
Assembly and Assembly Systems
Modeling, Optimization and Simulations
Control Techniques and Control Systems
Mechatronics and Information Technologies
Dynamics of machines and mechanisms
Design and Analysis of Supporting Steel Structures
Material Flow and Facilities Layout
Intelligent Material Handling Systems and Machines
History of Machinery and Equipment
Construction and Urban Machinery and Equipment
Mining Machinery and Equipment
Forestry Machinery and Equipment
Failure Analysis and Prevention
Automation in Construction and of Earthmoving
Logistics and Supply Chains
Distribution Centers and Automation in Warehousing
Ports and Logistics
Intermodal Transport Systems and Logistics
Supply Chain Management
Educational aspects of MHCL
Eco Design

Attendees: 150

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