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  1. Sep 16 2014

    Llm In Transnational Oil, Gas And Energy Law By Online Learning

    Develop a deep, practical understanding of how to resolve the challenges posed by national authorities to oil, gas and energy production.
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Venue: Maple House
    Industry: Energy and Power

    Focusing on the practical aspects of oil and gas law, this programme is set in the broader context of contemporary energy regulation, law and policy. It seeks to develop a deep understanding of how to resolve the challenges posed by national…

  2. Sep 16 2014

    10th Alaska Oil & Gas Congress

    Bringing together the people, the projects and the issues that are shaping Alaska’s energy future

    The Alaska Oil & Gas Congress is the place to meet the players, forge new relationships and get the information you need to capitalize on the latest developments in Alaska. This annual event provides the perfect opportunity to determine how…

  3. Sep 17 2014

    Energy Summit 2014

    Pa Energy Summit 2014 samlas en mangd nyckelspelare for att diskutera aktuella och framtida utmaningar som ror energisektorn och energiintensiv industri.
    In Stockholm (Sweden)
    Venue: Berns Hotel
    Industry: Energy and Power

    I takt med omvarldens okade fokus kring klimat och energieffektivisering, saval som forandrade politiska spelregler, innebar det att energisektorn star infor enorma utmaningar framover. Med val till Riksdagen saval som Europaparlamentet ar…

  4. Sep 17 2014

    Infocast's Northeast Energy Summit 2014

    Bringing Policy-Makers Together with Utility, IPP, Gas Supply and DR Executives to Explore the Opportunities to Solve Resource Adequacy Problems!
    In Boston, MA (United States)
    Industry: Energy and Power

    New Regulatory Changes and Resource Adequacy Concerns will Affect Market Dynamics and Opportunities for Investment in New Assets - Get analyses of the Polar Vortex and extreme weather impacts on gas and power markets - Understand how market…

  5. Sep 23 2014

    Camp Logistics and Workforce Accommodation Forum

    Develop an effective workforce housing plan in line with your operational budget and elevate your organization as the sought-after industry standard.

    Whether housing projects cater to oil sands activity, emerging LNG hotspots or traditional mining regions, the challenges and concerns are comparable. However, the successful end-users find innovative ways to fashion lodge life into a workforce-retention…

  6. Sep 24 2014

    CI Energy Group's 2nd Annual Alberta Power Symposium

    Get the latest information on Alberta’s evolving power landscape, major projects and future outlook

    Alberta’s power landscape is evolving and off ers promising opportunities for continued growth. However, these developments also present potential challenges and implications. Natural gas and renewables are beginning to play a larger role as…

  7. Sep 29 2014

    Distribution Automation Europe

    Hear from Union Fenosa Distribucion, Data Communications Company, Verdantix, Scottish Power Energy Networks, DNV GL - Energy, Eurelectric, Uni. of Bath
    In London (United Kingdom)
    Industry: Energy and Power

    Analysts forecast the Global Distribution Automation market to grow at a CAGR of 8.67 percent over the period 2013-2018. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the need to optimize distribution loss. The Global Distribution…

  8. Sep 30 2014

    International Pipeline Exposition is a key biennial event that brings together thousands of pipeline professionals with over 175 leading companies showcasing the most recognized brands and the latest technologies, products and services in the…

  9. Sep 30 2014

    Infocast's 6th Annual Transmission Summit West

    The Summit is the Place to Meet and Network with Other Key Stakeholders and Find Solutions to the Problems Facing the Transmission Business
    In San Diego, CA (United States)
    Industry: Energy and Power

    How Changes to Western Energy Resources Will Create Opportunities for Transmission Project Development and New Operational Realities - Get projections on new transmission builds - Meet the executives spearheading regional and multi-regional…

  10. Sep 30 2014

    Infocast's Solar Securitization

    Join us as the Most Up-to-Date Developments in Solar Securitization are Discussed, Opportunities are Identified and Valuable Relationships are Established!
    In New York, NY (United States)
    Industry: Energy and Power

    Solar Securitization Insiders Brief Investors and the Solar Industry on the Evolving Market in Solar Asset-Baked Securities Investors: - Learn about the product characteristics of a solar asset-backed security - Get an overview of the solar…

  11. Oct 01 2014

    Infocast's Advanced Renewable Energy Project Finance & Analysis

    Acquire the Techniques to Structure & Analyze Renewable Energy Projects to Optimize Financing!
    In Boston, MA (United States)
    Industry: Energy and Power

    - Risks assessment, mitigation and allocation unique to renewable energy projects - Contract structuring, documentation and risk sharing to mitigate commodity risk, Force Majeure, change of law and other hard-to-quantify risks - Risk appetite…

  12. Oct 01 2014

    Infocast's Solar O&M

    Solar Asset Owners, Investors, Lenders and the O&M Community Gather to Maximize the Financial Returns on the Industry's Growing Asset Base!
    In San Diego, CA (United States)
    Industry: Energy and Power

    Asset Owners and Financial Community's Perspectives - Chad Sachs, Chief Executive Officer, RADIAN GENERATION - Jimmy Bergeron, Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance, SOLARCITY - Jack Hachmann, Manager - Commercial Assets, WASHINGTON…

  13. Oct 06 2014

    SXSW Eco has become a significant connector for professionals working to solve the complex challenges facing civil society, the economy and the natural world. Hosting an international audience of thought leaders and decision makers, SXSW Eco…

  14. Oct 06 2014

    Energy and Economic Competitiveness

    What is the effect of energy prices on economic competitiveness?

    The US shale revolution continues to redefine the global energy map and is said to strengthen the competitiveness of US industry. At the same time Europe and Japan continue to experience rising energy costs, with implications for economic competitiveness…

  15. Oct 07 2014

    ESI-OpenCFD presents the 2nd official OpenFOAM User Conference organized by ESI-OpenCFD and opens up another opportunity for all the OpenFOAM users worldwide to meet and interact with the OpenFOAM developers, support and training team from…

  16. Oct 20 2014

    The Global African Investment Summit

    Building Africa’s Future through Private Sector Investment

    The Global African Investment Summit (‘GAIS’) is run in partnership with 4 African Governments to stimulate global private sector investment into African energy, mining, agriculture and infrastructure projects. Each country will attend the…

  17. Oct 26 2014

    Power Plant Management & Generation Summit

    This event brings together both plant managers and generation executives within the power industry
    In Atlanta, GA (United States)
    Industry: Energy and Power

    This event brings together both plant managers and generation executives within the power industry. Types of attendees include: heads of generation & production, corporate/supply planning, operations, asset management and strategic development…

  18. Oct 27 2014

    Shale Gas Environmental Summit 2014

    Now in its 5th edition comes at the right time to provide a platform for various industry representatives to come together.
    In London (United Kingdom)

    Now in its 5th edition comes at the right time to provide a platform for various industry representatives to come together and discuss the environmental aspects of shale gas extraction and production. The UK will certainly feel the impact of…

  19. Oct 27 2014

    Singapore International Energy Week 2014

    Building Energy Connections

    The 7th Annual SIEW 2014 is the foremost platform for top policymakers, energy practitioners and commentators to discuss energy issues, strategies and solutions. SIEW brings together the world’s leading conferences, exhibitions, workshops and…

  20. Oct 27 2014

    Infocast's PJM Market Summit

    Regulatory Changes Are Driving Market Dynamics and Investment-Identify Your Best Opportunities to Profit!
    In Philadelphia, PA (United States)
    Industry: Energy and Power

    Hear from Policy-makers, Regulators, Utility, IPP and Demand Response Executives about how the coming changes will impact the largest energy market in the US: - How extreme weather events are driving PJM Market rule changes - How changes to…


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