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  1. Aug 21 2014

    Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

    Translating strategy into action
    Industry: Management

    The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has attracted much attention over the last ten years. A growing number of large organisations, as well as several medium and small-sized ones, now have experience with the BSC. The implementation of a BSC will have…

  2. Aug 21 2014

    Programme Management

    Achieving Critical Business Change through Programme Management!
    Industry: Management

    Programme Management is a comparatively new technique, which can be defined as: the coordinated management of a portfolio of projects in order to achieve a set of business objectives (OGC). In a Programme Management Organisation, the projects…

  3. Aug 21 2014

    Transfer Pricing

    Distance Learning Course on Business Restructuring and Valuation, Transfer Pricing Legislation and Guidelines, and other hot Transfer Pricing topics
    Industry: Management

    Transfer Pricing has drawn the attention of tax authorities worldwide. New rules, documentation requirements and different interpretation given to the OECD Transfer Pricing guidelines by both tax authorities and multinationals have created…

  4. Aug 21 2014

    Transfer Pricing and Intellectual Property

    Taxation and Valuation of Intellectual Property (IP) and other Intangible Assets
    Industry: Management

    With the shift towards a more knowledge-based and service-oriented economy, intangible assets such as trademarks, brands, patents, know-how and technology, account for an increasing part of the business value. The accurate and complete taxation…

  5. Aug 21 2014


    Learn how to create and implement a best-practice e-security policy!
    Industry: Management

    The more our business depends on the Internet, the more we need to protect it against hackers, terrorists, organised crime and foreign intelligence. During the highly topical distance learning course e-Security, consisting of nine lessons,…

  6. Aug 21 2014

    Information Security Management

    Improve every aspect of your information security!
    Industry: Management

    Your information assets have never been more crucial, more valuable, or more at risk. This is why information security is becoming a crucial business priority in many organisations. Moreover, complying with (international) information standards…

  7. Aug 21 2014

    IT Service Management

    Improve the service you deliver to your customers!
    Industry: Management

    Business is becoming more dependent on IT than ever before. The pressure to deliver quality services at reduced costs is unrelenting. Many enterprises have embraced at least some of the changes needed to enable the IT organisation to focus…

  8. Aug 21 2014

    TOGAF 9.1 Foundation and Archimate 2.0

    After completing this absolutely unique distance learning course and passing the necessary exam, you will receive the TOGAF 9.1 Foundation (level 1) certificate
    Industry: Management

    The distance learning course TOGAF 9.1 Foundation and ArchiMate 2.0 saves you time, money and working hours and you can study wherever, whenever and in the pace you like. For those of you who prefer a classroom-based course, please contact…

  9. Aug 19 2014

    The first International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility is organized with the intention of defining CSR’s territory and scope as there is no exact definition or scope available to identify and develop CSR activities further to…

  10. Aug 15 2014

    It is our great pleasure to announce the 3rd Annual Conference on Management and Social Sciences (ACMASS) will be held in Singapore from August 15-17, 2014. Prospective authors from universities or other educational institutes and industry…

  11. Aug 14 2014

    Developing Professional Assertiveness and Confidence

    The key to improved confidence, credibility and assertiveness at work
    In Melbourne (Australia)
    Industry: Management

    Build your communication skills and emotional intelligence to help increase your capacity to be an assertive and confident communicator and project an image of credibility and composure at work. Key Learning Outcomes Learn to identify and manage…

  12. Aug 14 2014

    Workplace Investigations in Virginia

    Gain winning strategies for navigating the wide array of legal issues surrounding investigations in the workplace.

    Whether the issue is a harassment complaint, a threat of workplace violence or another workplace dispute - prompt, fair and thorough investigations are essential in order to minimize your legal risk. This seminar will provide you with practical…

  13. Aug 08 2014

    Employment Law Update in Georgia

    Don't get left behind - arm yourself with an updated knowledge of current labor and benefits issues.

    With an increasingly diverse workforce and dynamic laws impacting employers, the ability to navigate through the maze of state and federal employment and benefits laws is essential. But figuring out how to adapt quickly to accommodate employee…

  14. Aug 07 2014

    Medical Device Quality Management Systems and CAPA – 2-day In-person-seminar

    This seminar will provide you with an understanding of the requirements for Quality Management Systems (QMS) for both the FDA and ISO 13485
    In Boston, MA
    Venue: Boston

    This seminar will provide you with an understanding of the requirements for Quality Management Systems (QMS) for both the FDA and ISO 13485. You will understand how to create a Quality Management Systems that will comply with the requirements…

  15. Aug 05 2014

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM) training

    4-day training class to become an AIIM ECM Master
    In Londen (United Kingdom)
    Venue: London
    Industry: Management

    Enterprise Content Management training The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) training covers the strategies, tools and technologies used to capture, store, manage, preserve and deliver information in support of business processes. It provides…

  16. Aug 01 2014

    Dear & Esteemed Colleagues, Warm greetings! We are extremely delighted to inform you that the First Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences is being organized by the Global Business Research Journals…

  17. Jul 30 2014

    Workplace Investigations in California

    Regardless of the workplace dispute, ensure nothing is overlooked - get on the road to success in workplace investigations.

    Whether the issue is a harassment complaint, a threat of workplace violence or another workplace dispute - prompt, fair and thorough investigations are essential in order to minimize your legal risk. This seminar will provide you with practical…

  18. Jul 30 2014

    Overtime and the Salaried Employee in Alberta

    Protect your organization - know the ins and outs of overtime.

    What do you do when you discover that you haven't been paying overtime to eligible employees? If employees sue you, how far back into the past can they go to seek payment? This seminar is designed to provide a working knowledge of overtime…

  19. Jul 28 2014

    13th Annual Health Insurance Summit

    Now in its 13th year, the Annual Health Insurance Summit is the most established business gathering dedicated to the PHI industry.
    In Sydney (Australia)
    Industry: Business

    Informa Australia are once again pleased to announce the 13th annual Health Insurance Summit to be held at the Sydney Harbour Marriott, Circular Quay on Monday 28th- Tuesday 29th July 2014. As the Private Health Insurance industry continues…

  20. Jul 28 2014

    Private Investment Fund Accounting, Operations & Compliance Forum

    Developing the Blueprint for a Compliant and Cost-Efficient Fund

    Whether you’re from a hedge fund, a private equity fund, or you work with both, this comprehensive and pragmatic program delivers priceless tips and techniques to help your fund overcome the countless operational burdens brought on by Dodd-Frank…


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