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  1. Sep 08 2014

    Corporate Communications in Banking

    Proactively manage your insitutions reputation in a heavily regulated sector dealing with the repercussions of the financial crisis

    Corporate communications is as you know the key to restoring faith in banking. The communication/PR function has therefore become one of the primary means of securing future success. By attending our September event you will develop skills…

  2. Sep 09 2014

    This two-day marketing ROI workshop will walk you through basic and more advanced techniques for measuring marketing impact on sales, revenue and ROI. Through interactive presentation and discussion, you will learn how to use measurements,…

  3. Sep 10 2014

    Media and Mass Communication 2014, 3rd International Conference

    Media and Mass Communication 2014, 3rd International Conference

    We are pleased to invite you to take part in the 3rd international conference Media and Mass Communication, which will be held in a luxury five-star hotel in Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria. Standard registration fee 240 Euro.

  4. Sep 11 2014

    This workshop will focus on how to create and leverage the myriad forms of content to promote businesses, retain customers, influence word of mouth, close the decision gap on prospects and leverage content as a brand differentiator. Learn to…

  5. Sep 15 2014

    To truly measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, you need not only the right data but the right interpretation of that data. After attending the Academy of Marketing Analytics, you’ll be well equipped for both. Led by top academic…

  6. Sep 17 2014

    Marketing Trends for 2015: A National Event for Forward-Thinking Marketers

    Get a jump on your 2015 marketing strategy and discover ways to increase customers and revenue.

    Join us for this exciting two-day seminar led by eight industry leaders to learn all of the latest trends in marketing. The Association of Strategic Marketing has handpicked a panel of marketing superstars to guide you through the ever changing…

  7. Sep 17 2014

    FT Future of Marketing Summit 2014

    Communities, Culture & Creativity

    The 2nd annual Future of Marketing Summit, hosted by the Financial Times, brings together the most forward-thinking marketers, innovators and entrepreneurs to discuss the leading edge of the evolving marketing landscape. Through a series of…

  8. Sep 26 2014

    The idea of Russian Affiliate Congress and Expo originated in response to the need to develop business in Russia and other CIS countries in line with global trends. Mission of the Event: · Accumulation of positive international experience and…

  9. Sep 29 2014

    This program explores how rethinking customer experience in the context of strong customer centricity offers a proven path to customer satisfaction, retention, advocacy and sustained sales growth. It examines the customer experience process…

  10. Sep 30 2014

    Save the Date for the 2014 Annual Marketing Conference! Spend September 30 - October 2nd in New Orleans at the second annual AMA Annual Marketing Conference! Last year over 400 attendees gathered in New Orleans to experience the convergence…

  11. Oct 06 2014

    The Digital Marketing Training Series is a holistic digital marketing course intended for marketing executives and professionals who want to go beyond the basics of digital marketing and learn how to apply state-of-the-art digital strategies…

  12. Oct 07 2014

    Tourism is not only a global industry, but also a powerful movement that has influenced the human kind in an unprecedented manner since mid-twentieth century. With its ever-increasing global popularity and rapid growth comes a series of increasingly…

  13. Oct 08 2014

    Meet the Innovators, the Influencers, and the World Changers. We believe that the future marketing team breaks the silo between creativity and analysis. Rather than separate the search, social, content and analysis teams, we believe the most…

  14. Oct 15 2014

    Join the nation’s chief marketing officers and leaders from the agency and media worlds for our industry’s signature event the 2014 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference. This conference offers an opportunity to learn and engage with the leaders…

  15. Oct 16 2014

    Changing consumer needs, emerging technologies and competition are making it more difficult than ever to create a brand that is meaningfully differentiated in the mind of the consumer. Using case studies, exercises and best practices, this…

  16. Oct 20 2014

    Due to the overwhelming success of the spring AMA Marketing Workshops, the event is back for a second offering this year! Join us in San Diego this October 20-21 for an intensive two-day event that will arm you with tools to tackle and solve…

  17. Oct 23 2014

    Demonstrate ROI, Maximise Long-Term Engagement & Boost Your Multi-Channel & Social Media Impact: Drive Results & Prove Value With Winning B2B Marketing Strategies A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 23rd October 2014, One America Square,…

  18. Oct 23 2014

    Alternative structures and tools are considered by exploring how various art forms organize and deliver information that communicates a “story” while engaging the audience from beginning to end. Examples are provided from film, drama, literature,…

  19. Oct 23 2014

    Digital Hollywood: Social Media Conference Los Angeles

    Join leading Digital Entertainment executives & celebrities at Social Media Conference Los Angeles

    Jasmine Sandler. Social Media Expert. will join other Digital Marketing consultants, major celebrities in film and television and finance executives in the entertainment industry at Digital Hollywood in October, 2014 as a panelist speaker.…


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