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  1. Sep 01 2014

    The annual Oxford Offshore Symposium is now in its 24th year. The week long event welcomes Nigel Goodeve-Docker of Down End Office, UK as its Director of Studies. The Symposium is open to all professionals engaged in offshore or international…

  2. Sep 09 2014

    Police Liability in California

    Allegations of police misconduct frequently make headline news - what you don't know could hurt you.

    Civil rights lawsuits against police are common and are likely to increase as our diverse society places more and more emphasis on individual rights. Attend this full-day seminar and learn the skills you need to handle every police liability…

  3. Sep 09 2014

    Strategies in Defending DWI and DUI Cases in Colorado

    Get up-to-date on the latest science and top strategies for DUI defense.

    DUI arrests continue to increase year after year. Fines are stiffer, jail sentences are lengthier and convictions are kept on file longer. The long-term effects of a DUI on a defendant's finances, job prospects and insurance coverage can be…

  4. Sep 10 2014

    Prevailing Wage Law in California

    Discover fail-safe ways to comply with prevailing wage law - and get the job done

    Prevailing wage is a mandatory component of many public works projects. Unfortunately, the law often raises more questions than it answers. What is the prevailing wage? What paperwork do I need? How can I avoid liability and complaints? What…

  5. Sep 10 2014

    Employment Law Update in Louisiana

    Stay safely in compliance with ever-changing employment and labor laws.

    With an increasingly diverse workforce and dynamic laws impacting employers, the ability to navigate through the maze of state and federal employment laws is essential. But figuring out how to adapt quickly to accommodate employee rights and…

  6. Sep 10 2014

    Managing Construction Projects in Nebraska

    Don't lose valuable time and money - join us to improve your project management skills.

    Make sure your projects are completed on time and within budget - minus costly claims and lawsuits. Staying current on construction issues and trends has never been this important and it's never been this easy. Attend this seminar and get the…

  7. Sep 10 2014

    Managing Construction Projects in Texas

    Don't lose valuable time and money - find out how you can improve your project management skills.

    Make sure your projects are completed on time and within budget - minus costly claims and lawsuits. Staying current on construction issues and trends has never been this important and it's never been this easy. Attend this seminar and get the…

  8. Sep 12 2014

    Administering the Family and Medical Leave Act in Georgia

    Get the latest advice on managing employees under FMLA regulations.

    In today's economic climate, attendance and productivity are key to a company's survival. Take the first step toward protecting your bottom line and minimizing your liability - attend this seminar and get practical tips on how to update your…

  9. Sep 12 2014

    EEO Compliance in Maryland

    Save yourself costly discrimination lawsuits - keep your company's policies up-to-date.

    Stay informed of current issues and recent court decisions to minimize your risk for discrimination charges - or even a lawsuit. Attend this seminar and get a comprehensive look at what you need to know to protect your organization from costly…

  10. Sep 12 2014

    AIA Contracts

    Know what you're getting into before you sign your next AIA contract.

    Help is available for understanding complex AIA contract provisions - get it now, before you wind up with costly delays or time-consuming lawsuits. Join us for this seminar and get a solid understanding of commonly used AIA documents and how…

  11. Sep 12 2014

    Legal and Practical Issues of Easements in Missouri

    The world of easements is not as impossible as you think.

    Do not let the intimidating complexity of easements cause you anxiety. Whether you're looking to draft, comply or fight one, our local experts will give you the know-how to succeed - without getting caught in exhausting and expensive legal…

  12. Sep 12 2014

    Construction Management/Design-Build in New Jersey

    What you don't know can hurt you - stay informed on issues in construction management and design-build.

    Attend this cutting-edge seminar and get helpful insight on construction management and design-build. You will gain a clear understanding of legal issues, organization and more. Meet the challenges ahead and find out what you need to know about…

  13. Sep 12 2014

    Plat and Subdivision Law in Texas

    Learn how to navigate through complex subdivision procedures - and to prevent costly mistakes.
    In Dallas, TX (United States)

    Even in the current tight economy, you can be successful - and even prosper - in subdividing real property. Take advantage of this timely opportunity to boost your income by learning about the complex subdivision process under Texas law. Discover…

  14. Sep 16 2014

    Legal and Practical Issues of Easements in Florida

    There's an easement on this property? Make sure you know what you're getting into.

    If you are involved in real estate, you need to know the complex legal and practical issues associated with easements. Failure to consider the effects of easements on real estate investments can be devastating. Knowing about easements will…

  15. Sep 16 2014

    HSAs, HRAs, FSAs: How They Can Reduce Your Cost and Increase Your Benefits

    Don't get left behind - arm yourself with an updated knowledge of HSAs, HRAs and FSAs.

    Recent regulation as well as implementation of the Affordable Care Act has changed the way that we think about health insurance. Offering supplemental health insurance options to your employees has become complicated as a result. Attend this…

  16. Sep 16 2014

    Wetland Regulation in Ohio

    Concerned about how wetlands regulations are changing - and how your practices may be impacted?

    Attend this cutting-edge seminar and get helpful information on the state and federal wetland permitting programs. Meet the challenges ahead and find out what you need to know about potential mitigation strategies. These are just a few of the…

  17. Sep 17 2014

    Women, Influence & Power in Law 2014

    The Only National Forum Facilitating Women-to-Women Exchange on Current Legal Issues
    In Washington, DC (United States)

    Presented by InsideCounsel Magazine, the annual Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference offers an opportunity for unprecedented exchange with women outside counsel. This unique event is the only national forum facilitating women-to-women…

  18. Sep 17 2014

    The Canadian Institute's Forum of Corporate Counsel

    Foundations to succeed in the business environment.
    In Toronto (Canada)

    What are you doing to excel in your role as corporate counsel? Turn theory into practice and learn how to leverage your legal skills and become a valued business person. Attend The Canadian Institute‚Äôs Corporate Counsel Forum this fall to learn…

  19. Sep 17 2014

    Building Codes in Indiana

    Don't just guess - know that your project is code-compliant.

    Don't let building code violations derail your project. Learn how to prevent mistakes and fines before they happen, and discover how building code compliance at the front end will save you from headaches, charges and costly project delays throughout…

  20. Sep 17 2014

    Oil and Gas Rights in Louisiana

    An energy boom is boosting the economy - are you fully equipped to navigate oil and gas law in Louisiana?

    The exploration of natural gas in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale and other formations has provided landowners new opportunities - as well as new risks. This seminar will keep you up-to-date on current issues and trends in oil and gas law so you…


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